Neni Ismail, Knitting Knockers for Survivors

Jakarta – For Neni Ismail, the road to life as a survivor of breast cancer is one part of her journey. Neni, who was met by while attending the Breast Cancer Survivors Meeting held by YKPI some time [...]

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Yesaya, When Breast Cancer Not Terrifying

Jakarta – “Don’t ignore early detection, don’t delay checking our breasts as early as possible” the appeal is often delivered by Isaiah Fernindi Hohu to her female friends. How important it is to prevent it from early on, that’s [...]

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Still Many Breast Cancer Survivors Believe in Alternatives in Bali

Jakarta – WHO statistics shows world breast cancer prevalence rates at 6.3 million (at the end of 2012) spreading in 140 countries. Not only breast cancer survivors who fight cancer, the assistants or activists closest to the survivors are also [...]

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Cemotheraphy Effect Changes Ellen Oltarina’s Life

Jakarta – In the Breast Cancer Survivors Meeting held by the Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation (YKPI) on Saturday (27/10), there were many inspirational stories from survivors or survivors. One of them is Ellen Oltarina, who since 2014 has undergone [...]

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When Two”Crowns” of Fithriani Were Raided on Operations Table

Jakarta – Breasts and uterus are the most beautiful gifts God gives to women. Many women spend much money to maintain and care for the two crowns with special care. None of the women are willing to lose one [...]

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Anisah: It Turns Out That Cancer Medicine Is Sincerity

Once the doctor’s verdict was dropped Anisah could not be sincere yet. She gradually realized if sincerity was what strengthened her to date. Jakarta – Anyone who is convicted of cancer will certainly feel haunted by death. Anisah is no [...]

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Yanti’s Promise When Sentenced to Breast Cancer

Having cancer is not the only nightmare for Yanti Setiawadi, but she also has to face other suffering due to chemotherapy. This breast cancer survivor from Bandung once felt that death was very close when his children were still [...]

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Inspirational Story from Linda Gumelar Fighting Agaist Breast Cancer

Jakarta (VIVA) – Being sentenced to breast cancer at a productive age did not make the activists and former minister Linda Gumelar discouraged. The wife of Agum Gumelar began to change her lifestyle for the better. Linda who is a [...]

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Awas, Limfedema Mengintai Penderita Kanker Payudara

Jakarta (Jurnas) – Limfedema atau edema merupakan pembengkakan bagian tubuh karena penumpukan cairan limfe, atau gangguan pada sistem limfatik.... read more

The Origin of Mammography

and the word graffiti which means to scan / method of writing or making pictures with the techniques /... read more

Death From Breast Cancer in 2018 Reached 627 thousand people

Denpasar – Linda Agum Gumelar stressed that breast cancer is a disease with a high incidence rate, which develops... read more

Irianti : Worried that Breast Cancer May Transfer to Her Daughter

Basically breast cancer can attack anyone. Breast cancer can attack regardless of age, economic status, social, cultural and educational.... read more

YKPI: Awareness of Checking Breast Cancer is Still Low

Jakarta – Public awareness of breast cancer is still minimal. The proof, according to the Chairperson of the Indonesian... read more

Not Only Women, Men Also Have the Risk of Breast Cancer

Pontianak – The City Government (City Government) of Singkawang held a socialization of breast cancer early detection at the... read more

Beware of Breast Cancer in Men

Jakarta – If you think breast cancer only occurs in women, you are wrong. The number two deadly disease... read more

Breast Self Examination

What is BSE (SADARI) and why to do it? Breast Self-Examination by patients at home every month. For women who... read more