YKPI Received Award from the Ministry of Health

YKPI Received Award from the Ministry of Health

Jakarta – The Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation (YKPI) received an award for the institution that has realized the GERMAS for category of Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases in Indonesia. The award was given in the ceremony of National Health day (HKN) 2020, Thursday (11/12), which was held virtually. It was attended by the Minister of Health, Terawan Agus Putranto, and all Ministry of Health officials.

“I am grateful and was not expecting to receive this award,” said the chairperson of YKPI, Linda Agum Gumelar in her statement after receiving the award.

“This success and award is not only for us: YKPI, the board and the pillars, but also for all breast cancer fighters in Indonesia,” she continued.

Linda said that the award would further boost YKPI’s enthusiasm to continue disseminating early detection of breast cancer in Indonesia, in order to reduce the occurrence rate of advanced breast cancer.

“It is impossible for the government to work alone. Indeed, there must be three pillars to build this country, namely the government, society, and the private sector. This is where YKPI always plays its role as part of the society in reducing the occurrence of advanced breast cancer,” said Linda.

Linda said further, the award for YKPI given by the Ministry of Health was also inseparable from the non-profit organisation’s commitment to applying 3M in the community of breast cancer survivors. According to her, the 3M (washing hands with soap, wearing masks, and keeping physical distance) is an effort to break the chain of spreading the Covid-19.

“YKPI always campaigns for the 3M movement. We do this all the time, and we always voice out for it in every event.”

Linda also said that YKPI had prepared a number of programs in 2021, in order to continue the commitment to reducing the occurrence rate of advanced breast cancer in Indonesia. Among others, YKPI will continue the socialization of breast cancer early detection through virtual channels that aims to reach wider society of Indonesia. In addition, YKPI will also carry out the TOT on Breast Self Examination (SADARI).

“We are also preparing for the virtual gathering of SEABCS. That way, we do not only play our role in the country, but also for the international communities where YKPI has contributed a lot,” said Linda who is also a breast cancer survivor.

Meanwhile, in his speech, the Ministry of Health, Terawan said that the National Health Day 2020 was a momentum to create a healthier Indonesia, by taking care of ourselves, our family and the society.

“Save the country from the Covid-19 pandemic by keeping physical distance, wearing masks, and washing hands frequently. Let us together improve the quality of public health to become better for the country and the nation,” closed the Minister.

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