YKPI Holds Training for 4th Batch of Breast Cancer Companions

YKPI Holds Training for 4th Batch of Breast Cancer Companions

Jakarta – The Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation (YKPI) holds training for companion volunteers to breast cancer patients. This is the fourth training that has been held in succession in the last four years.

The YKPI Chairperson Linda Agum Gumelar said this year’s training had successfully attracted 51 participants, far more people than in previous years.

Besides, said Linda, practitioners, medical personnel, and academicians also joined the activities held at the London School of Public Relations (LSPR) Jakarta on August 22-24.

“The materials included psychology, communication, and broadly about breast cancer. Why are the topics? Because we want to give knowledge and share it with participants, about psychology and communication for cancer patients, especially breast cancer,” said Linda on Sunday (8/26) yesterday.

Both of materials according to Linda were very important for breast cancer companion volunteers because often in the field there are still companions who do not understand the two approaches well.

“Just like when I got breast cancer in 1996, I really got tremendous pressure from many people because our psychology and communication were not understood. So that after meeting with them, I am not getting stronger, but rather I, my feelings and emotions are being cornered,” she said.

The former Minister of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection added after undergoing two days of training, the trainees would get a certificate from TUVRheinland, a company based in Germany.

“The certificate is only valid for every year. So every three years it will be evaluated,” she explained.

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