YKPI Holds All-Indonesia Breast Cancer Survivors Meeting

YKPI Holds All-Indonesia Breast Cancer Survivors Meeting

Jakarta, – For the third time The Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation (YKPI) held a Breast Cancer Survivors Meeting in Indonesia. This annual event will be attended by around 450 survivors with the theme ‘Strong Motivation Helps Efforts to Undergo Breast Cancer Treatment – You Can, We Can!’, At the Kartika Chandra Hotel, Saturday (27/10).

Founder and Chairperson of YKPI Linda Agum Gumelar said the selection of the theme was felt necessary to build the motivation of survivors of breast cancer through difficult times while building the quality of life for survivors.

“Therefore, there will be a motivational building session by motivator James Gwee containing inspiration from survivors about breast cancer and lymphoma by dr. Walta Gautama from Dharmais Cancer Hospital. “It is hoped that this meeting can be a place to motivate each other through the difficult times of breast cancer treatment,” Linda continued enthusiastically.

Linda, who is also a breast cancer survivor, added that public awareness and support for survivors of breast cancer can reduce the incidence of advanced breast cancer. According to her if breast cancer is found in the early stages then the possibility of being able to achieve a longer life expectancy is around 98 percent.

Not a few survivors who regret not doing early detection and getting cancer has attacked other body parts. Yesa (38) from Jakarta, is now struggling with stage four breast cancer.

“Let’s do SADARI (BSE), so that it’s free from advanced breast cancer. Don’t be late like me, it’s not really good if you go on, “exclaimed Yesa, who had only been operating for a few days.

Similar things were revealed by Fitri (40) from Padang. When he was 33 years old she felt a lump in his breast, but because of the desire to give milk to her child he had to postpone the examination for up to 2 years. “The doctor finally sentenced me to stage 2b cancer,” Fitri said softly.

Meanwhile, based on data from Globocan 2018, Linda said again, the incidence of breast cancer in women in Indonesia who were diagnosed with cancer was the highest (around 42.1 percent).

“The mortality rate for breast cancer is also quite high in Indonesia. This happens because patients generally come to see a doctor for almost 70 percent already in an advanced stage, “Linda said again while reminding the importance of early detection of breast cancer through SADARI (BSE) and SADANIS.

Linda further explained the treatment of deadly diseases that can also attack young people and men is indeed not cheap. Through the various YKPI programs he led, Linda explained the early prevention of advanced breast cancer with the dissemination of early detection to several regions and the operation of mammography car units in collaboration with SSR Dharmais which requires high costs.

“From 2015 to August 2018, we conducted 10,544 mammography examinations, of which 1,565 people experienced benign tumors and 152 people were suspected of being malignant,” explained Linda.

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