YKPI Held Group Watching of Film “Free”

YKPI Held Group Watching of Film “Free”

Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation (YKPI) invited the management, volunteers and also from the cancer survivor community to watch together (nobar) the film “Free” by Mira Lesmana and Riri Riza at Cinema XXI, Plaza Senayan, Jakarta, Thursday (07/11).

The Chairperson of YKPI, Linda Amalia Sari, also known as Linda Agum Gumelar, said that one of the reasons for choosing the film “Free” was because it was considered to contain many lessons that could be learned after watching the film.

“The film we chose was a free film because when we read the movie reviews, we saw the depiction of the spirit of friendship that is so strong, confidence and the nature of courage,” Linda said when met after the Nobar event.

According to the Indonesian Women Figure and the wife of General TNI (Ret.) Agum Gumelar, this film can be an inspiration for cancer survivors to continue to live their spirits despite all the conditions that they face.

“I think from the title of the song, the title of this film can encourage survivors to stay brave and to go through all the conditions that exist. This trait is very important for a woman, especially for people who are undergoing an exam, “she said.

In addition, Linda also claimed to be very interested in the storyline of the film, starring one of the country’s famous actress, Marsha Timothy. In addition to describing the high school days, but also shows the meaning of true friendship.

“The film is happy to remind the past. The story also shows friends who give encouragement to friends who are diagnosed with illness. I think this extraordinary support, “she said.
Free is an adaptation of a South Korean film called Sunny. In the Indonesian version, the time setting will be in the 90s. Whereas in the Sunny version, the setting was around the 1987s.

“Free” talks about friendship since school. Initially Vina (Maizura) went to a high school in a small town in West Java. For some reason, she moved school to the capital city of Jakarta. On her first day, Vina became a joke of school friends because of her accent. She was also intimidated by one of the boys at school. Luckily a group of school gangs came to help Vina.

Members of the gang named Free are Kris (Sheryl Sheinafia) the leader, Jessica (Agatha Pricilla) who is cute and obsessed with beauty, Gina (Zulfa Maharani) the richest child in the group, Suci (Luthesha), a beautiful and mysterious woman, and Jojo (Baskara Mahendra) ) the only guy.

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