YKPI Asks The Society to Do Early Breast Examination

YKPI Asks The Society to Do Early Breast Examination

Semarang – Chair of the Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation (YKPI) Linda Agum Gumelar invites the public to make early detection of breast cancer because breast cancer does not recognize age nor gender.

“Even men can also get (breast cancer, red). As long as you have breasts, you have the potential to develop this type of cancer, “Linda said while speaking at a seminar on” Early Breast Cancer Detection “in Semarang on Wednesday (7/2). The activity was held to commemorate World Cancer Day which falls on February 4, 2018.

The day before, the same activity was held at the Kaloka Hall in the Salatiga City Regional Secretariat building, which was attended by 300 participants from Salatiga women’s organizations, in collaboration with the Salatiga City International New Love Foundation and the Salatiga City Government.

Linda said, early detection of breast is very important for more effective treatment. However, because public awareness regarding this matter is still minimum, breast examination is generally only done when it has entered the advanced stage.

“Now it has been a stigma in the community that breast cancer will end up with death. However, many survive if found at an early stage. There are so many examples,” she said.

While Dr. Walta Gautama revealed, the average case of breast cancer in Indonesia had only been examined when it entered the stage four, unlike the case with developed countries such as America and Australia, which were found in the early stages.

“Thus life expectancy is also high. Whereas if it is advanced then what happens is the opposite. We can find out the symptoms of breast cancer through the appearance of lumps, skin abnormalities, nipples pulled in, discharge from the nipples, and wounds that do not heal,” explained the Head of the Dharmais Cancer Hospital Jakarta Surgery Installation.

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