Yesaya, When Breast Cancer Not Terrifying

Yesaya, When Breast Cancer Not Terrifying

Jakarta – “Don’t ignore early detection, don’t delay checking our breasts as early as possible” the appeal is often delivered by Isaiah Fernindi Hohu to her female friends. How important it is to prevent it from early on, that’s what she has in mind.

Yesa (her nickname) did it not without reason. This woman from Cilacap Central Java was struggling with stage 4 breast cancer. When met by even her breath was a little gasping, unable to stand long, occasionally she held the right under her armpit that had just undergoing the ninth operation.

At that time there was no choice but treatment. Yesa also began to undergo chemotherapy as much as 18 times, chemo for liver 6 times, chemo for bone 5 times, and radiation starting on October 25, until after the ninth operation there will be repeated radiation for lymph nodes.

During the chat, Yesa was often greeted by friends who asked about her condition after the operation. With a light voice Yesa replied: I’m okay, who’s sick?

The strength experienced by Yesa did not immediately occur, because she had experienced a phase of decline when the verdict approached. At that time she pondered a lot, dialogue with God through prayer while convincing herself that she was able to go through even though she was paralyzed. She no longer thinks that cancer is scary but how to fight it.

Not only that, this woman who was born in Lampung also spent her treatment periods by writing notes on her life experiences through social media. A friend also wanted to help publish her stories. Later, a book was published, entitled: “It’s Me vs Cancer”: A Survivor of Cancer Surprising Diary”

The published book further fueled the spirit of healing, through the book he also conveyed how early detection is very important. That’s why it supports the YKPI program which focuses on Sadari and Sadanis.

Writing is a therapy for Yesa. Through writing she is no longer stressed, plus endless support from family and friends.

She often said that the Warriors and Breast Cancer Survivors not only needed enthusiasm but rounded up the spirit to stock up on the spirit. “We all have the right to fight for this life,”s he said firmly.

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