Yanti’s Promise When Sentenced to Breast Cancer

Yanti’s Promise When Sentenced to Breast Cancer

Having cancer is not the only nightmare for Yanti Setiawadi, but she also has to face other suffering due to chemotherapy. This breast cancer survivor from Bandung once felt that death was very close when his children were still small. That happened when 2007 when the doctor sentenced him to have breast cancer.

Yanti had ignored a lump in her breast, even though she felt extreme pain when she discovered a lump in her breast had been shaped quadrilaterally in 2006. But she ignored that feeling due to the influence of her friends who thought the lump in her breast was not a dangerous thing.

“At that time I was angry at God, why should I. I left my habit of reading meditation and the Bible,” said Yanti, who finally decided to operate in 2007.

Yanti said that after the operation in 2007 she had to undergo 6 times chemotherapy. One treatment procedure that uses very strong chemicals to stop and inhibit cancer cell growth is not an easy struggle for Yanti. “It feels nano-nano. At the time of the third chemo I began to feel not strong. But I have to be sure of God. There I promised God to give me strength. If I am strong enough to go through this chemo, I promise to set up a cancer group,” Yanti said emotionally, repeating the promise at her fifth and sixth chemistry.

She did not give the same promise at her fourth chemotherapies, because at that time her mother had a stroke. A new emotional blow for Yanti who had to endure the pain caused by chemo. After the chemo, Yanti had felt like she was returning to activities as before, even though her head was still bald. But it was only for a moment, because appendicitis attacked her. “Another rebuke from God. But I don’t want surgery. Uh, even my uterus, said the doctor, went down and finally I took surgery for the removal of the uterus in October 2007,” Yanti said again telling all that she considered God’s rebuke to her.

“God, why in the same year I had to lose two organs that were characteristic of a woman. Why did I lose my breasts at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year I lost my uterus,” Yanti protested at the time.

Yanti was aware of her three promises to establish a breast cancer care group in Bandung. Finally a week before the surgical removal of the uterus, Yanti set it up with the help from her two friends. She called the Society the Bandung Cancer Society (BSC).

“God has his own way of testing His people. Whatever happens, it must be the best of God. Cancer is not the end of everything, move on and be a winner, “he said gratefully when he was admitted by Jurnas.com at an event held by YKPI some time ago.

Bandung Cancer Society (BCS) at a glance
BCS was established on December 2, 2007 with the aim of increasing awareness of cancer patients, especially in Bandung and surrounding areas by giving moral assistance. Assisted by experienced advisors in Bandung, the BCS work program includes visits to cancer patients who are as modest or will undergo treatment, hold seminars by inviting expert speakers and managing cancer shelter houses ‘KASIH’ to help cancer patients from outside the city using BPJS class 3.

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