World Cancer Day Prioritizes Medical Therapy

World Cancer Day Prioritizes Medical Therapy

Jakarta, – Oncology surgeon Dharmais Cancer Hospital Jakarta dr. Bob Andinata, Sp.B (K) Onk appealed to the public to prioritize medical therapy while undergoing cancer treatment.

This appeal was conveyed in commemoration of the World Cancer Day which falls today, Monday, February 4, 2019.

“On cancer, the main treatment options are surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or medical therapy that have become a standard across the world,” said Dr. Bob told, on Monday (4/2).

Meanwhile, herbal therapy or other alternative medicine, continued Dr. Bob, was just as a complement. Because based on many findings, patients who prioritize herbal therapy, they even make the cancer condition worse.

“Herbs or other alternative therapies are complementary therapies. Remember they are only additional or complementary, “he stressed.

Dr. Bob added even when someone had decided on medical treatment, the person was expected to carefully choose a general practitioner.

Especially for breast cancer cases, he said, not all general practitioners are provided with a special curriculum to treat breast cancer.

“Mothers must be careful to check their breasts to the doctor. Breast cancer lessons have not become a curriculum in general practitioners. Only certain general practitioners know breast cancer, “said Dr. Bob.

“We recommend that you go directly to the oncology surgeon,” he appealed.

This year, the World Cancer Day takes the theme “I Am, I Will” or “I Am and I Will”. This theme aims to make all parties carry out their role in reducing the number of cancer patients in the world.

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