Women Not Pregnant Yet Nor Breastfeeding Prone to Cancer

Women Not Pregnant Yet Nor Breastfeeding Prone to Cancer

Women are not yet pregnant and are not breastfeeding prone to breast cancer Women who are not pregnant have the potential to develop breast cancer. The estrogen hormone in the breast is not channeled. It piles up, triggering the growth of lumps or growing flesh.

But that is just presumption. The exact cause is unknown. Chairman of the Indonesian Association of Surgical Oncologists (Peraboi) dr. Walta Gautama SpB (K) Onk said the cause was related to hormones.

Women who have never been pregnant and breastfeeding make the breasts not resting. The breast glands themselves produce the hormone estrogen each coming phase of the month. “Estrogen is used by the uterus to be elastic when there are babies. The uterus uses estrogen from the breast, “explained dr. Walta to the media some time ago.

Not pregnant and breastfeeding, the risk factors increase. People aged 40-50 years have great potential. But even in their 20s, they remain vulnerable. Generally, the main complaint is the presence of a lump felt in the breast. But there are lumps that are visible, some are not. To find out is to do an ultrasound and mammography.

“The initial symptoms are usually just lumps. Whether you want it small or large, you have to check it, “said dr. Walta.

Therefore, the key is in early detection. Treating cancer is said not to be postponed. The more delayed medical treatment, stadium status will rise. The worst possibility is death for the sufferer. “There was once a viral some traditional plants in curing cancer. What’s important is don’t leave the medical treatment behind. If you can take a lump, take it. Because it’s the best way, “added dr. Walta.

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