What The Food Do I Eat During Fasting ?

What The Food Do I Eat During Fasting ?

Before fasting, please speak with a health professional or your doctor to make sure it’s the best decision for you.

  1. Water

The amount of water that any one person should drink varies, but you want your urine to be a pale yellow color at all times. Dark yellow urine indicates dehydration, which can cause headaches, fatigue, and lightheadedness.

  1. Avocado

A study even found that adding a half of an avocado to your lunch may keep you full for hours longer than if you didn’t eat the green gem.

  1. Fish

There’s a reason the Dietary Guidelines suggests eating at least eight ounces of fish per week. Not only is it rich in healthy fats and protein, it also contains ample amounts of vitamin D, and fish is often considered a “brain food”.

  1. Cruciferous Veggies

Foods like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower are all full of the f-word—fiber. When you’re eating erratically, it’s crucial to eat fiber-rich foods that will keep you regular and prevent constipation. Fiber also has the ability to make you feel full, which is something you may want if you can’t eat again for more than 13  hours.

  1. Potatoes

Repeat after me: Not all white foods are bad. Case in point: Studies have found potatoes to be one of the most satiating foods around. Another study found that eating potatoes as part of a healthy diet could help with weight loss. Sorry, French fries and potato chips don’t count.

  1. Beans and Legumes

Your favorite addition to chili may be your best friend on the IF lifestyle. Food, specifically carbs, supplies energy for activity.

  1. Probiotics

Add probiotic-rich foods, like kefir, kombucha or kraut, to your diet.

  1. Berries

Your favorite smoothie addition is ripe with vital nutrients. Strawberries are a great source of immune-boosting vitamin C, with more than 100 percent of the daily value in one cup.

  1. Eggs

One large egg has six grams of protein and cooks up in minutes. Getting as much protein as possible is important for keeping full and building muscle.

  1. Nuts

They may be higher in calories than many other snacks, but nuts contain something that most junk food doesn’t—good fat.

  1. Whole Grains

Being on a diet and eating carbs seem like they belong in two different buckets, but not always! Whole grains are rich in fiber and protein, so eating a little goes a long way in keeping you full. (source greatest)

Photo: Healthline

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