Welcoming Breast Cancer Awareness Month, YKPI Hold Interesting Events

Welcoming Breast Cancer Awareness Month, YKPI Hold Interesting Events

Breast cancer awareness month is celebrated worldwide every October. This activity aims to help increase attention and support for awareness, early detection and treatment of breast cancer palliative care.

Chairperson of the Indonesia Breast Cancer Foundation (YKPI), Linda Agum Gumelar said last year celebration was very full and lively. On the contrary, many activities for this year’s celebration are carried out virtually due to Covid-19 pandemic.

YKPI has started the celebration with a series of events since September 19th, namely virtual meetings for alumni of breast cancer patient assistance from training batches 1-5, which have been held for the past 5 years.

“They were given new material in the form of palliative training. The event went well and received a positive response from alumni which was useful for accompanying patients,” she said on Thursday (10/1).

YKPI has also launched a campaign on early detection for breast cancer in collaboration with the Women’s Organization Cooperation Agency (BKOW) in central regions of Indonesia, namely BKOW NTT and NTB. The serial event was further continued on October, 12 and 17 by providing early detection of breast cancer for religious communities, while supporting the organizations or communities.

“So they are the organization’s members and suffer from breast cancer. So we will provide assistances for them,” Linda explained.

Another interesting activity that YKPI always has is ‘the face-to-face gathering’ or meeting with breast cancer survivors in Indonesia, which will be held virtually this year. The virtual meeting will be held on October 24.

Apart from being attended by an oncologist who would deliver a special message and motivation, the participants would also be entertained by Tika and Udjo from Project Pop. The event will also present Lea Simanjuntak who would entertain the survivors.

“Last year we were able to bring 500-1000 participants. We hope that we can still do it with the survivors, despite it is a virtual meeting,” Linda said.

In addition, YKPI will propose the local government of DKI to install pink street lights on several roads, for example at Monas or Semanggi Bridge, just like last year. Apart from these activities, YKPI will also attend the General Assembly, planned on October 6, 2020.

“Finally, as a non-profit organization, we cannot run the program without the support of the private sectors. Thank you for your support so far,” ended Linda.

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