Wacoal Asks Shelter House Residents to Learn Painting

Wacoal Asks Shelter House Residents to Learn Painting

Jakarta – Wacoal Indonesia underwear company held a painting activity with residents of the Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation Shelter (YKPI), on Monday (11/2) yesterday.

The activity in collaboration with Bartega Studio also ended up with the submission of donations from the Indonesian Marketing Deputy Wacoal Melinda to the Chairperson of YKPI Linda Agum Gumelar.

“Thank you for the contribution from Wacoal Indonesia. This really means to us. And hopefully it can also be useful to support the social activities that YKPI does,” Linda said.

In her remarks, Linda briefly explained about the YKPI Shelter House. She said the house was intended for breast cancer patients who were taking treatment at the Dharmais Cancer Hospital in Jakarta.

The specialty of YKPI Shelter House, Linda continued, is that the costs incurred were relatively cheap, which was only IDR 15,000 per day. The price included a bunk bed for patients and companions, meals and bathing equipment, and rice.

The Marketing Deputy Wacoal Indonesia Melinda said donations came from Wacoal customers. She hoped this donation would be useful for YKPI Shelter Houses.

“Hopefully it will be a blessing for YKPI, especially the halfway house,” Melinda said.

In addition to the donation process, Wacoal Indonesia also held painting activities with patients and survivors of breast cancer, residents of the YKPI Shelter House.

More than 15 participants were each given one canvas and a set of painting tools to draw an object as selected by Wacoal Indonesia.

“We just want to be happy here. Don’t think too much, mothers,” said Melinda in front of the participants.

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