Various Research on Breast Cancer in Men

Various Research on Breast Cancer in Men

San Francisco breast surgeon, Dr. Jon Greif, said the survival rate for men who have breast cancer as a whole is lower than for women. In other words, cases of breast cancer in men, although less common but can be more deadly. This is because men with breast cancer may not realize that the disease can be experienced by men and are reluctant to get care like women.

While conducting his research in the period 1998 – 2007, Greif found that the life expectancy of women with breast cancer within a period of five years after the study (2012) was around 83% while men only 74% applied for loyal stages of cancer.

What about other expertsresearch after 2012?

The American Cancer Society estimates about 2,250 cases of breast cancer in men found in 2018. About 480 of them are estimated to have died.

Breast cancer in women and men generally has many similarities such as tumors or swelling in the breast, hardened skin, deep nipples, and redness.

Until now, it still cannot be known with certainty the cause of breast cancer in men. However, experts agree that several lifestyles, hormones and genes affect breast cancer in men. Ranging from exposure to radiation, alcohol, obesity, age, family history of cancer, to inherited gene mutations. The average man who is diagnosed with breast cancer is 68 years old.

Because the exact cause is unknown, special prevention efforts have also not been found. However, experts from suggest that men always maintain an ideal body weight and avoid alcohol to reduce their risk of developing breast cancer. (from various sources:,, Times for India)

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