This is What Linda Gumelar Hoped for The National Health Day

This is What Linda Gumelar Hoped for The National Health Day

Besides designated as National Father’s Day, November 12 is also commemorated National Health Day (HKN). In 2019, HKN turned to 55th anniversary.

Welcoming HKN, Chair of the Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation (YKPI), Linda Agum Gumelar hopes that health services to the community will be better. According to him, HKN is not just a warning but there is a meaning in it.

“We are from the Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation and I personally hope for the improvement in health services to the community, especially in BPJS regulations that will provide services to the community,” Linda said after watching together the film “Free” in Jakarta, Thursday (07 / 11).

In addition, the Indonesian woman figure who once served as Minister of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection (PPPA) of the United Indonesia Cabinet also hoped that the HKN warning would be used as a trigger for the community to maintain a better lifestyle.

“We also hope that people maintain a good lifestyle, so that it does not cause a disease. Therefore, lifestyle is very important. We want people to be healthy physically and mentally, “Linda said.

The celebration of HKN was first commemorated in 1959. At that time a symbolic Malaria spraying was carried out by President Soekarno.

After the symbolic spraying was carried out, counseling was also given with the aim of giving the community an understanding of the dangers of Malaria and so that they were more aware of it.

In the following years, the National Health Day (HKN) continues to be commemorated with the aim of providing health education and counseling for the people of Indonesia.

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