The symptoms of male and female breast cancer turned out to be the same

The symptoms of male and female breast cancer turned out to be the same

Rarely do we get detailed information about breast cancer in men. Even though we often see posts on social media, breast cancer in men is more virulent than women and very deadly. No one knows the cause of breast cancer in men. Rarely do men with breast cancer want to freely share their stories or struggles against breast cancer.

Oncologist Ida Bagus Tjakra Wibawa at confirmed the symptoms in men were the same as women. There are lumps but actually a lump in men is easier to get caught. Why? Because men have little breast tissue, so even the slightest changes that occur in men’s breasts can be detected. Even though the cancer size tends to be smaller than women when first detected, breast cancer in men is more often spread to nearby tissues or glands.

Although the incidence of breast cancer in men is less than for women, it is more deadly. One reason is that male breast cancer patients tend to be examined in advanced stage conditions. Apparently, early breast detection also applies to men. Why should you be shy about doing it?

Tjakra also said the male hereditary breast cancer tendency was 5-10%, as well as women, the rest because of lifestyle factors such as food consumed. The presumption of eating all the foods we like at a young age because it will not affect health is very inappropriate. As Tjakra put it, set a healthy diet while you are young and do activities.

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