The Story of Breast Cancer Survivor that Survives

The Story of Breast Cancer Survivor that Survives

Jakarta – Any woman may not imagine to experience breast cancer, but sometimes the life has its own story.

As experienced by a breast cancer survivor Nurul Hidayah when in 2015 the doctor stated she had breast cancer.

“At the beginning of 2015 I realized there was something strange in my left breast. Immediately I checked into the doctor and the doctor sentenced me to an early stage malignant cancer. Even though the lumps were still small, no more than 3 centimeters but it only took less than three months for my breasts to ‘erupt’,” she said.

That fact had made the woman born on June 2, 1973 shocked and once she blamed God. “Why me? What’s wrong with me? Why, God? At that time I only needed to be alone and reflect. Honestly, I don’t know where to go or do what. On Sunday morning it was bright but dim in my eyes, then I left home walking aimlessly,” she recalls.

Along the way Nurul pondered all, thousands of questions on the head and thousands of why were not answered. When she realized, it turned out that it was about 15 kilometers from the house stepping in and still wanting to walk back home, but her chest began to be relieved as she made an important decision in this life: “I will face this reality and I will not run away or be afraid!”

“Because it turns out I just realized that I have family and friends who care and love me. Moreover, I have four amazing children, I want to fight longer to live alongside them and also teach them to be closer to God and take them to the future,” said the mother of four children.

Since she made the big decision, Nurul returned to see the doctor again and stated that she was willing to have a Mastectomy surgery. “Alhamdulillah everything went smoothly, even though the doctor scheduled chemotherapy for eight times, which was very torturous, but it turned out if we absorbed and did it sincerely it would feel good because with this pain our sins fell,” she said with full emotion.

Nurul consistently followed all the doctor’s orders. She was sure and believed in God that her life and death were a mystery, not because of cancer.

Now that almost 4 years have passed, Nurul feels healthy and she hopes that she will always be healthy. She always thinks positively and always maintains a lifestyle as well as eating patterns. Nurul believes we can do it if we try and never run away from the reality.

“The lesson is that because of this I have become closer to God, more religious, more aware of what is sincerity and looking at the world from a different perspective than before I was sentenced to cancer.  You can’t run away and are afraid to surrender to God after trying your best,” she said.

Now Nurul continues to carry out his activities despite changing a lot because she can’t be too tired. Before the cancer attacked her, Nurul worked at a convection now at home while receiving orders for bed linen or anything she could sew.

“I really like sewing and cooking any cake or cooking. It’s fun being in my kitchen. Often there are also people who come to visit for baby message because I studied physiotherapy for baby message since I had my first child. I like everything I do. “

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