The Story of a Cancer Fighting Lecturer at 43

The Story of a Cancer Fighting Lecturer at 43

Something bothered Yolanda’s mind when a lump appeared on her right breast at the end of November 2018. The lump, said Yolanda, was getting bigger and bigger.

The woman whose full name is Yolanda Stella Rosa immediately rushed to seek information through internet. She was worried if the lump became a malignant or cancerous tumor. While seeking for information, the lecturer and Deputy Rector of LPSR Communication and Business Institute Vice also went to the doctor to examine the lump in her right breast.

Unfortunately, she had to spend one month before managing to see a doctor, due to very tight schedule of examinations.

“Finally at the end of the year, I had a surgeon to examine me. Incidentally, it was the last day of the doctor’s practice,” Yolanda recalled in a virtual talkshow “YKPI Goes to Campus: Early Detection of Breast Cancer, When to Start?” held by the Indonesia Breast Cancer Foundation (YKPI) on Friday (8/21).

The doctor asked Yolanda to immediately perform a mammography and Ultrasound examinations. However, the result could not be immediately known, because the doctor was in year-end leave.

Only after two days after the 2019 new-year, Yolanda received the news. The doctor advised her to do a surgical biopsy.

“If it was a malignant tumor, it will immediately be mastectomized because the size has reached 3 cm,” the doctor said.

Yolanda was shocked. In the midst of her grief, she sought a second opinion from another surgeon on January 4th, 2019. Yet the answer was just the same. Yolanda needed a biopsy.

“Finally on January 15, 2019, the surgery was performed. I am grateful that the God still gave me a second life after being diagnosed with stage two of breast cancer at the age of 43 years,” said Yolanda.

“I have determined at that time that I had to fight and make friends with cancer, because I still have two children that I want to accompany until their adulthood,” added Yolanda.

After the surgery, Yolanda had undergone six chemotherapy sessions. She admitted that it was not easy to get through this phase, remembering that she had experienced severe allergies.

“That is why I was always worried about the next chemotherapy. Fortunately, Thanks God, it went well. I am still undergoing hormonal therapy until today,” she said.

Yolanda encouraged public, especially the women to carry out early detection. According to her, if cancer can be detected at an early stage and immediately followed by medical action, then the recovery rate is very large.

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