The First Cancer Surgery in Indonesia

The First Cancer Surgery in Indonesia

A total of 52 cancer patients were operated on en masse by oncologists who are members of PERABOI (Association of Indonesian Surgical Oncologists), in Kutai Kertanegara Regency, East Kalimantan, Sunday (10/20). This mass cancer surgery is the first and largest in Indonesia.

The Chairman of PERABOI, Dr. Walta Gautama SpB (K) Onk said the operation was carried out in two places. “Major surgery for 7 patients was performed at AM Parikesit Tenggarong Regional Hospital. While 45 other people performed minor operations in the Regent’s hall, “added Dr. Walta.

Furthermore, Dr. Walta explained that the operation carried out by his party included skin cancer, lymphedema, thyroid cancer, breast cancer and facial cancer free of charge. “This is PERABOI’s social service activities as a form of our dedication to the community,” continued Dr. Walta.

The word oncology said by Walta often still feels strange to the ear. He hopes that the term which comes from Greek is not feared and is familiar in the community. Oncology, continued Dr. Walta, is a branch of medical science that specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. “So oncology is a specialized health science in handling cancer, from cancer screening to palliative care,” said Dr. Walta again.

Furthermore Dr. Walta explained that an oncologist was responsible for diagnosing cancer, determining the right treatment plan, managing and monitoring the course of treatment, as well as preventive measures from recurrence of the cancer itself.
Since 1984, oncologists in Indonesia formed PERABOI. “So far, many people think that PERABOI’s image is only to deal with breast cancer. But actually PERABOI treats cancer as a whole including thyroid cancer, head neck cancer, skin cancer, soft tissue cancers such as muscle and subcutaneous tissue, starting from early detection, diagnostics, therapy including reconstruction after tumor removal, chemotherapy and treatment of several complications post-surgery, “said Dr. Walta.

At PERABOI’s 35th year, Dr. Walta hopes that people who are not served by BPJS or those who are less able to get access to proper medical therapy from the start can enjoy the surgical services of these experts. “In the future this will certainly motivate the readiness and availability of qualified oncology surgeons in every region in Indonesia, so that cancer patients can seek treatment at their place of origin without having to go to Jakarta or other big cities,” he explained.

PERABOI, continued by doctors who have many breast cancer patients, certainly requires a forum for cooperation in order to better introduce what is the domain of cancer treatment from PERABOI. “Together with the Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation or YKPI under the leadership of Linda Linda Gumelar, we are collaborating in providing socialization and training in certified breast cancer survivors. YKPI very much helped PERABOI. In the future, PERABOI is open to collaborate with other organizations or institutions in handling cancer.

In addition to collaborating with YKPI and conducting social services, for 3 days PERABOI also held an Annual Scientific Meeting (PIT). Separately, Dr. Zainal Abidin SpB (K) Onk, chairman of the 25th PIT committee, said that with this meeting the community is expected to get to know cancer even further and don’t be afraid to go to the doctor. “Furnishings also hope that from this meeting the public will know more about future findings about the latest cancer treatments. Because at this time the handling of cancer is not only limited to surgery or chemotherapy, but also can be carried out almost perfect reconstruction even micro and super micro surgery can also be done. With this meeting, PERABOI is also expected to be a leader in managing multi-disciplinary cancers. So that we can handle it from the very beginning or from the beginning to the last stage of cancer, “explained Dr. Zainal.

Asked about the type of cancer with the highest number of patients, Dr. Zainal revealed the highest incidence of breast cancer. This is in line with YKPI’s efforts in suppressing the incidence of advanced stage breast cancer with one of the factors being the delay in treatment of patients from the area to Jakarta. “Lots of patients from the area who now live in YKPI shelter in the Jakarta Slipi area come to Jakarta already in an advanced stage condition, because besides being afraid and embarrassed to seek treatment also because there is no availability of treatment facilities in their home area,” said YKPI Chair Linda Gumelar who welcomed enthusiastically PERABOI’s efforts in handling cancer as far as the regions.

Dr. Zainal shared the same idea regarding the problem of handling cancer in remote areas or areas which became a challenge for PERABOI through its programs. One of them is with the social service of minor and major operations conducted in Tenggarong Regency. “We certainly hope that the operation will have an impact on the community in handling cancer, so that the community can feel the benefits immediately, no longer seek treatment because the area itself is now very supportive, the government is also very supportive and human resources are also available,” continued the doctor Surgical oncologist who practices at Abdul Wahab Sjahrani Hospital, Samarinda, East Kalimantan.

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