Still Many Breast Cancer Survivors Believe in Alternatives in Bali

Still Many Breast Cancer Survivors Believe in Alternatives in Bali

Jakarta – WHO statistics shows world breast cancer prevalence rates at 6.3 million (at the end of 2012) spreading in 140 countries.

Not only breast cancer survivors who fight cancer, the assistants or activists closest to the survivors are also struggling.

As experienced by Bali Pink Ribbon Foundation Advisor Hasta Sanders who is concerned with assisting breast cancer survivors and warriors.

His personal experience of losing his beloved older sister who died of breast cancer, led him to meet friends abroad and know many Bali Pink Ribbon activists.

The prevalence rate of breast cancer in the Bali Province itself reached 1,233 in 2013. Hasta said that all this time, when he assisted especially in Bali, everything was all closed. When someone got sick, they prefer to alternatives.

“It has become a part of their custom that cannot be changed just like that. So it becomes a challenge for us when we accompany the survivors because most of them prefer alternative medicine first,” Hasta said.

No wonder, continued Hasta, many of whom went to the doctor at the hospital when they reached an advanced stage. Not to mention most of them strongly believe that sickness is karma or the result of black magic. So it is not easy to seek treatment.

Nevertheless, Hasta who was met by at the YKPI survivor meeting did not give up on the above conditions. For him, accompanying them became a challenge even though it had not changed a mindset that had taken root.

“The challenge can be said harder than other islands. But we must never give up, ” he stressed. From the last five years Hasta has been assisted by social media which facilitated their conversation. Until one day the hospital in Sanglah was crowded by breast cancer patients.

As an advisor, Hasta hopes that later with Bali Pink Ribbon he will voice more awareness and importance of early detection. Established for 10 years, Bali Pink Ribbon continues to provide education for women in Bali.

About Bali Pink Ribbon

Bali Pink Ribbon was founded by Gaye Warren, a British breast cancer sufferer who has lived in Jakarta for more than twenty years. After her own treatment for breast cancer and her husband’s retirement, they moved from Jakarta to Bali.

Shortly thereafter, Gaye found that infrastructure in Bali to make women aware of breast cancer was almost nonexistent, even though professional medical expertise was available on the island with at least two hospitals offering breast cancer treatment to patients.

As a member of the Bali International Women’s Association, Gaye and two friends persuaded the BIWA General Chair to begin a fundraising campaign for breast cancer awareness in Bali.

From the small seeds, the four of them developed a prototype of the Pink Walk Ribbon for Bali, based on the experience of Gaye about the Pink Ribbon Walking in England.

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