Stay Alert! Breast Cancer May Recur Because of These Factors

Stay Alert! Breast Cancer May Recur Because of These Factors

Jakarta, YKPI – Recurrence is a frightening threat for breast cancer survivors because breast cancer basically will not completely disappear, but only turns into dormant cells in the bloodstream. .
The surgeon and oncologist at the Army Central Hospital (RSPAD), dr. Agus Sutarman Sp. B (Onk) said it during the Virtual Greeting for Kartika Breast Cancer Survivors (SKP-Kartika) entitled ‘Wise Ways for Breast Cancer Survivors to Live Healthy during the Covid-19 Pandemic’, Monday (10/12).

The event was collaboration between the Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation (YKPI) and Persit Kartika Chandra Kirana (KCK). It was attended by YKPI Chair, Linda Agum Gumelar, Head of Persit KCK, Hetty Andika Perkasa, YKPI Supervisory Board, and hundreds of Persit KCK members throughout Indonesia.

“For breast cancer survivors, the cancer cells are still in the bloodstream, and they are sleeping (dormant). They can wake up or be active at any time,” said dr. Agus in his presentation.

The main factor that causes breast cancer recurrence is decreased immunity. The oncologist at RSPAD explained that immunity is the body’s defense mechanism against viruses, microorganisms, as well as diseases from outside the body.

“How can somebody be infected with the Covid-19? Because his immunity decreases. There are many people exposed to the Covid-19, but the virus do not manifest clinically, or show no symptoms, and there are no complaints. That is because the body’s immunity is good,” explained dr. Agus.

There are a number of factors that cause the body’s immunity to decrease, including inadequate nutrition, lack f rest, and lack of ability to perform stress management.
“So, food must be nutritious, healthy, well processed in a healthy way, and in a moderate amount, not excessive. If the food intake is not enough, then the body’s immunity will decrease. Stress should also be managed properly,” he said.

Dr. Agus further said there are two types of immunity the human body, namely the specific immunity and non-specific immunity.
Specific immunity is the body’s self defense that has a special task, which is often called an antibody.
“Meanwhile the non-specific immunity is the body’s resistance that is carried from birth. Skin is one example. It is a kind of immune network so that the body is not entered by germs.”

Meanwhile, Head of Persit KCK, Hetty Andika Perkasa said that SPK-Kartika community was established in order to spread knowledge and valid information about breast cancer. This is done as a form of education and outreach regarding early detection of breast cancer, in order to reduce the incidence of advanced breast cancer.
“We decided to entrust the breast cancer assistance program to YKPI. My friends and I would like to thank YKPI very much for being pleased to get involved in this program,” said Hetty when delivering her speech.

Head of YKPI, Linda Agum Gumelar positively welcomed the Persit KCK breast cancer assistance program. According to her, this program is a challenge because YKPI has never assisted the community on a large scale.
“We consider this a challenge, because we have never assisted a community of this large size, and continuously with them. What we have experienced before is community came or registered into YKPI community,” said Linda.
“So, we immediately formed a team of seven people; a small teamn that hold the pilot project,” Linda said.

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