So Long, Yesaya

So Long, Yesaya

Jakarta, YKPI – Yesaya is not the name of an artist, nor is she a public official. But her fighting spirit against cancer makes this woman born in Lampung on August 1, 1980 deserves attention.

Yesaya Fermindi Hohu is her full name. The tough woman, a former online taxi driver, is now lying quietly under a gravestone and a burial ground, after diagnosed with stage 4 of breast cancer six years ago.

At that time, doctors said that her breast cancer had been metastatic cancer or spreading to the spine, uterus, lymph nodes, lungs, and even the brain. But instead of giving up on the situation, Yesaya appeared like a healthy person.

She often entertained other breast cancer survivors so that they kept growing hope for recovery from this deadly disease. In fact, this smiling woman wrote a book entitled ‘It’s Me vs Cancer: A Cancer Survivor’s Hilarious Diary’, which contains her life experiences fighting cancer since March 2014.

Yesaya was also active as a resource person in various seminars or television programs, which inspire fighters to keep their spirit to fight against breast cancer.

Apart from devoting herself to being an encouragement for cancer survivors, the late Yesaya also filled her days selling glasses and motor vehicle accessories.

Most days when she was not on her treatment, Yesaya parked her car on the roadside to sell glasses. They were in various shapes and colors, from plain ones to unique glasses with attractive frames.

Yesaya did not enjoy the money she made by herself.  She gave part of her income to help cancer survivors who need a helping hand. And all of that was done for one reason, to cultivate happiness. On September 11, 2020 Yesaya breathed her last at the Dharmais Cancer Hospital Jakarta, after battling pain from breast cancer for six years.

Chairperson of the Indonesia Breast Cancer Foundation (YKPI) Linda Agum Gumelar said that Yesaya was an extraordinary figure. She never complained on her condition at all.

Linda said further, as a member of the YKPI breast cancer community ‘Pita Pink Survivors and Warriors’, Yessa is known as a generous social person, who not only helped fellow survivors but also sent underprivileged children to school.

“Many persons definitely miss Yessa because she was an extraordinary fighter. Even in the worst conditions, she never complained and continued to encourage her fellow cancer fighters. Goodbye, friend. Hopefully your sincerity in raising the spirit of breast cancer fighters will pave your way before God. Your tireless struggles will be remembered always,” said Linda.

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