Shinta Nuriyah Wahid Underlined The Importance of Women’s Role

Shinta Nuriyah Wahid Underlined The Importance of Women’s Role

Jakarta, – Speaking to hundreds of mothers at the 71st anniversary celebration, the wife of the 4th President of the Republic of Indonesia Shinta Nuriyah Wahid reminded of the important role of women in people’s lives.

The wife of the late Abdurrahman Wahid (Gusdur) stated that women are special creatures because through women the beginning of life starts from giving birth to caring for children.

“Women are important figures in life, if there are no women who give birth to children, breastfeed and care for them,” Shinta said while giving a speech at the free Pap smear and Mammography examination at his Ciganjur residence on Saturday (09/03).

According to Shinta, besides physical differences, there are several things that distinguish between men and women, which make women deserve to be valued as high as possible. Because, only women who have it.

“There are five things in women that are absent from men, namely menstruation, conceiving, giving birth, breastfeeding and being able to do many things at one time,” said the woman who was among the 100 most influential female figures in the world.

For that, Shinta continued, women must always be healthy to be able to carry out this role. The reason is, if a woman is sick then who takes care of the child, husband and home because only women do it all.

“I reminded that women (mothers) always take care of their health. If they feel pain, they should seek treatment immediately. Don’t be shy or afraid to always check your health, “he added.

The birthday celebration, which is also a commemoration of The International Women’s Day, was also assembled with a free Pap smear and Mammography examination attended by hundreds of local mothers.

This was done to check the breast health of the participants using low-dose X-rays. It is also used to look at several types of tumors and cysts, and reduce mortality from breast cancer

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