Rini : As long as there is a medecine, be sure cancer will heal

Rini : As long as there is a medecine, be sure cancer will heal

God will not give a temptation beyond the human ability of his creation. As much and as often as any temptation, if we are able to surpass it even though it repeats itself, the task of human beings is to just live it sincerely. This is what Rini (49), a breast cancer survivor, passed through at the Srikandi Community in Jakarta.

O dear, almost every two years since 2011, Rini had to do dozens of chemotherapy and radiation. Although the doctor had claimed her to be healthy and her body was clean of all cancer cells. “But when it was checked normal then it continued to exist again. Even though I have lived a healthy lifestyle. I also don’t know why this happened. Maybe it’s a test from God, so I have to live it patiently,” said the veiled woman softly when met by Jurnas.com at the YKPI Breast Cancer Survivors Meeting.

Rini began her story when she found a lump in her breast in 2011. Not believing in the first examination, she then sought a second opinion from another doctor at another hospital, until finally she had to surrender to accept the terrible verdict. “When there was a small lump, I did not believe it was dangerous. Accompanied by her husband, she go for a check with another doctor. Until finally the doctor said I had to have surgery because my breast cancer was stage 2B,” she said. Her voice was heavy considering how difficult it was because she was an active woman who worked in an office. Rini claimed to be very “down”, sad and angry about her fate.

Rini added that after the operation she performed six times of chemotherapy and tens of times radiation. “Then I was declared healthy and living a normal life again. Anyway, my breasts are clean, there are no more cancers,” said Rini who decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

However, who would have thought that in 2014, Rini who at that time often experienced severe coughing was diagnosed that the cancer cells had spread to the lungs. She again had to smell the typical hospital medicine by doing chemotherapy and dozens of radiation again. After two years later, precisely in 2016, she also experienced the same thing and had to go back to chemotherapy and radiation.

“Even now I still have chemo and radiation again. I find it hard to believet yes I have to live my life. I have a husband and child, trying to be normal. Together we strive so that I can continue to be healthy for them,” Rini added.

Rini is grateful that her family supports her so much towards health, so do her friends in office. She was very sure as long as there was a cure, her cancer would heal. “As long as there is a cure, just have a spirit. I also still have DAB activities working. Because I have a high motivation to continue living. I also want all women who share the same fate not to give up, God will not give trials beyond our capacity,” she concluded.

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