Pravita’s Way to stay Cheerful in Facing Breast Cancer

Pravita’s Way to stay Cheerful in Facing Breast Cancer

Jakarta, YKPI – Five years ago, to be precise at the beginning of August 2015, Pravita’s world suddencly gloomy after receiving a birthday gift from a doctor: she was diagnosed with stage-two breast cancer. Moreover, said the woman who is usually called Vita, the diagnosis came when her twins: Aiko and eiko were only two years old.

Support from family and closest friends came pouring. She made up her mind to take medical treatment.  As a result, the lump in her breast was successfully removed by surgery.

“After the surgery, then I got radiation and chemotherapy. Until now I routinely have medical control every six months. If I have time, I do it once in three months. I still do it,” said Vita lately.

Vita has now survived breast cancer. Learning from her experience, Vita said there are two ways to avoid getting lost in feeling of sadness and fear when you become a cancer survivor.

The steps are to keep a positive mind and kind heart. According to the mother of 4 children, positive mind is very important to survive from the frightening breast cancer.

”As for keeping our heart is also important so that we can be sincere and whole-hearted. If we are sincere, the diseases will be far away,” Vita said.

She further said, during the Covid-19 pandemic cancer survivors must be more discipline in keeping their healthy, namely by exercising regularly and stay at home, if possible.

“Don’t go outside often, keep the distance, and wear a mask, because it helps your stamina. Get enough rest and don’t feel down either,” said the travelling enthusiast.

Being Wardah Brand Ambasador

Asked about her involvement as one of the ambassadors for Wardah Ayang Cempaka’s newest lipstick product, Vital felt proud and had never thought before that she could become an important part of her favorite cosmetics.

“It is a pride and experience that will never be forgotten for a lifetime. Moreover, the sales proceeds will be contributed to the breast cancer early detection program in partnership with YKPI. I surely am very proud, and moved, touched: all mixed up. My family is also definitely proud and supportive,” said Vita who was chosen to represent breast cancer survivors.

Vita, who is also active in the YKPI Pita Pink Survivor Warrior, mentioned that the three series of lipsticks that she promotes are in line with her life principles.

“As women, we must have the courage to take action. Even if we are diagnosed with breast cancer, don’t be afraid to take medical treatment. Get rid of negative thoughts and believe that we can fight the cancer. We must be strong, courageous, and keep thinking positively. That way, we can immediately move on from pain and sorrow,” Vita stressed.

Vita also emphasized that her involvement in the breast cancer community had supported her in undergoing her previous treatment. According to her, fellow community members always support, strengthen and care for each other.

“We will never be able to face all the problems ourselves. Besides family support, we definitely need support from friends.  Moreover, in the community we can also share with those who are more experienced, so we can improve our knowledge about breast cancer,” said Vita while encouraging Indonesian women to carry out breast cancer early detection regularly.

Vita also described the behind-scenes process during the Wardah’s ambassador photo shoot. She admitted that she felt nervous because during the photo shoot, she was not only asked to look beautiful, but also to express her emotions as a breast cancer survivor.

“So this is not just an usual photo shoot, but the photographer really wanted to reveal my emotions, until I cried when doing the photo shoot,” recalled Vita closing her story.

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