O Men, Be Prepared for Breast Cancer

O Men, Be Prepared for Breast Cancer

Jakarta – None of the men believe they can develop breast cancer. For them, there is no breast in the chest like women. This makes it difficult for them to feel even the slightest complaint in their breasts or notice changes in their breasts. Even if that happens, men are reluctant to be treated the same as women in doing medical treatment for breast cancer.

Of the many men diagnosed with breast cancer, not many men who have breast cancer want to openly share their stories. But not for Ian Cranston, 71, from Northern Ireland. The country that on average is known to 10 men diagnosed with breast cancer every year. Ian was diagnosed with breast cancer in May 2017. Two weeks later he underwent a mastectomy.

The father of two children from the city of Portadown was declared cured of breast cancer in June and decided to speak openly, so that all men are aware that breast cancer does not only attack women.

He said men also need to have their breasts checked to find out about any changes. Fortunately at that time, Elizabeth, Ian’s wife, saw her husband’s nipples darting in when he came out of the bathroom.

At that time Ian thought men had never had a breast cancer attack and did not need to see a doctor. Because men don’t have breasts, but chests.

Now Ian decides to help and increase awareness of this disease because talking can help people, and it will be very valuable. “I can understand why women can get breast cancer, because I experience it myself,” he said.

Differently from Ian, the legendary KISS drummer Peter Crisis immediately conducted a systematic and open examination on the public when he was declared to have breast cancer in 2008. Now, Peter is active as a spouse for growing awareness of breast cancer in men. Every October known as the moon caring for breast cancer, Peter also took part in a large march involving thousands of people. The goal is only one, raising funds for breast cancer research. Hopefully more and more men care about their breasts and will be ready if the possibility occurs to him. Men do early detection? Why not?

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