Not Only Accompanying His Wife, Rizal Also Cut His Hair Bald

Not Only Accompanying His Wife, Rizal Also Cut His Hair Bald

The husband or child is the main supporter of breast cancer survivors through a series of painful and tiring treatments. From them the passion for fighting cancer is always burning. This was done by Rizal, the husband of a breast survivor Petra, who still continues to struggle with the disease.

When met by Jurnas, Rizal became one of the testimony givers accompanying his wife at the Indonesian Breast Cancer Survivors some time ago. He said he felt the pain experienced by his wife. “Sometimes I want to move my wife’s illness to my body, when I find she is not strong,” Rizal said glancing intently at his wife.

In fact, when his wife had to cut her hair bald, Rizal did not hesitate to do the same. “So we were once bald, so she felt there was a friend and my wife became more enthusiastic about doing chemotherapy,” Rizal recalled as agreed by Petra.

Endless support from the husband plus enthusiasm from friends and doctors became Petra’s guide to remain strong and sincere. It began when Petra was diagnosed with cancer in 2011. “It felt like the world was falling apart, but thanks to my husband, I was able to lead a normal life as usual even though cancer attacked other parts of my body,” Petra said.

Rizal added that his wife had to undergo 30 radiations and 9 mastectomies. He also never failed to accompany his wife from the beginning when his wife was sentenced to cancer until today when she still continues to undergo medical therapy.

“I honestly can’t bear it, but I’m also amazed to see my wife’s struggle for treatment for three years against her breast cancer. Then suddenly she had a cough that didn’t heal, and it turned out that the cancer cells had invaded the lungs. I keep accompanying her to continue chemos until it was declared clean,” Rizal continued, adding that the cancer had also attacked his wife’s ovary cells.

Rizal urged anyone not to underestimate the slightest symptoms of cancer and believe in medical treatment not an alternative. He also believed that even the smallest family support would be an effective medicine in addition to medical drugs.

Apparently Rizal’s struggle to accompany his wife still had to be tested again. Cancer cells that attacked the body of his wife grow again and she still has to continue treatment. Although the doctor has declared his wife’s body clean of cancer cells, Rizal said he must be prepared for all possibilities. Even so, Rizal has committed to accompany his wife until healed completely. “I am very grateful because my wife faced everything with sincerity, happiness and enthusiasm. I love you fat,” he said, kissing his wife’s forehead.

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