Neni Ismail, Knitting Knockers for Survivors

Neni Ismail, Knitting Knockers for Survivors

Jakarta – For Neni Ismail, the road to life as a survivor of breast cancer is one part of her journey. Neni, who was met by while attending the Breast Cancer Survivors Meeting held by YKPI some time ago, said that she had lived a healthy lifestyle.

But who would have thought if Neni would experience it. It all started from her breasts which felt like a little electrical shock when they were touched. “It takes a long time to get closer and more intense. Like electrocuted but not disturbing, finally I touched it in the area. Because I don’t know nothing about cancer, I did not feel anything,” she continued.

Then in February she began to feel as the shocks got more often and only from one point. When she touched it, it felt nothing. When she checked it in the Puskesmas, she was taught to raise her hand, and touch a lump of 2-3.5 cm, located slightly inside.

To be sure, she was finally referred to a surgeon who suggested removal and excisional biopsy. Finally the removal was in February. At that time it took so long to get the results of PA Pathology Anatomy. “I think the hospital had a problem but once the results of the PA come out the report is suspiciously fierce,” she said.

Then the IHC came out and two weeks after that PA came out and two weeks after it the IHC came out, and carcinoma and the type showed how many percent positive, then she was referred to Darmais Cancer Hospital, to Dr Walta.

“IHC result shows that all of my breast should be lifted because the side was not clean, and there were cancel cells remaining,” she said.

In the process, she was given two choices: taken out most of them but not entirely or taken entirely. She might take chemotherapy and go through radiation But if the Mastectomy was done, no need for those. Finally she took mastectomy, it turns out lymph nodes were lifted so she could not carry heavy loads.

The doctor said the procedure of breast cancer surgery in some cases might take lymph nodes too. The number of lymph nodes removed may be different in every individual.

“After another inspection it turned out that my network was not there. I did not know why the network was gone,” continued Neni.

Not only Mastectomy, Neni also went through removal of the ovaries by the obstetrician. At that time Neni was 48 years old, if at that age there was no plan to get pregnant, it was better to lift the uterus and cervix to prevent cancer from spreading.

Until now, Neni feels better, however, the effects of drugs taking made the body uncomfortable. During the treatment period Neni used BPJS.

For Neni, early detection is mandatory. The results should be considered. They must be checked immediately. “Even though I have run a healthy life, swimming, running, and eating healthy I can be also affected,” she recalled.

Even though she is now living with one breast, Neni remains enthusiastic. The energy is used to knit knockers or artificial breasts from wool yarn inserted in the bra.

“At first I did it by myself. But as time went by lots of people donated threads and I made a lot of knockers. I set up groups of six people. There were knockers of big size and small size as needed,” she said.

But Neni herself is not so comfortable using knokers. She prefers to what she is. But she still made it to be distributed free of charge to fellow survivors who had entered the mastectomy stage.

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