Linda Gumelar Calls Millenial Generation for Early Detection

Linda Gumelar Calls Millenial Generation for Early Detection

Denpasar – In front of hundreds of millennial generations from 16 provinces. Founder and Chairperson of YKPI Linda Agum Gumelar said that she did not hesitate to become a friend of the generation with the age range of 15-34 this year.

Even the grandmother of two grandchildren were trying to understand the character of the generation that has now reached 32.8 percent of the total 265.4 million population of Indonesia.

Nevertheless, Linda revealed that she was concerned when asking the millennial generation in Jakarta to name 5 national heroes and they could not answer them.

“Of course I felt sad, but we cannot just blame this generation. Because they are a generation with high curiosity, surely after I called the name of the hero Malahayati they would immediately find out, “Linda said confidently.

Compared to the previous generation, millennial generation is indeed unique. The results of research released by the Pew Research Center clearly explain the uniqueness of the millennial generation compared to previous generations.

What is striking from this millennial generation is the use technology that has become their basic need.

This was in line with the presentation of the YKPI Chairperson as the keynote speaker at the Astra Berseri Village Festival on Monday (26/11) at the Udayana Campus, Jimbaran Bali. According to her there are five millennial generation characters.

In addition to critical thinking, having high curiosity, being highly confident and being more social, this generation is said to be dominant in technology.

“The easiest feature is having social media. All of them must have social media, who among you does not have social media?” Linda asked the participants who showed up their cellphones. Each of them agreed.
Furthermore, the 2009-2014 Minister of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection explained that the education system for the millennial generation was also different.

“We know it from the 21th century 4Cs education curriculum: Communications, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity,” she said.

The magic moves of the four pillars are indeed predicted to conquer the 21st century competition where the fight is no longer oriented to I win and you lose, but I win and you win.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far go together,” Linda said as greeted with applause of agreement.

Millennial generation, Linda continued, also has a high level of health awareness. They are the ones who fill in fitness centers or restaurants that provide healthy food.

“No wonder, if the majority of its followers of YKPI Socmed is the millennial generation. For Instragram only, there are around 70 percent of followers from the millennial generation,” Linda said again.

Linda, who was diagnosed with breast cancer, hopes that the millennial generation will start early detection. Because with early detection of breast cancer, the possibility for treatment and recovery is very large.

Until now, there have been no specific studies on the causes of breast cancer for sure. Even later there are many cases of breast cancer at a young age.

“So let’s start early detection. It can be done alone (BSE) or clinically (SADANIS). The method can be seen on the YKPI website or sosmed. And it’s not just women who do early detection. Men also need to do it because breast cancer can also occur in men. Although the percentage is small but ferocious. “For Indonesia it is healthy and together, make Indonesia free from advanced breast cancer by 2030,” Linda concluded enthusiastically.

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