Death From Breast Cancer in 2018 Reached 627 thousand people

Death From Breast Cancer in 2018 Reached 627 thousand people

Denpasar – Linda Agum Gumelar stressed that breast cancer is a disease with a high incidence rate, which develops quickly without pain, and requires high costs for treatment.

In fact, based on data from the International Agency for Research on Cancer, in the world there are around 627,000 people dying of breast cancer from January to September 2018.

Furthermore, the Founder and Chair of the Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation (YKPI) explained that breast cancer is a new disease with the highest percentage namely 42.1 percent, where the percentage of deaths from cancer reaches 17 percent. In Indonesia, the disease is also high in numbers.

“From the Globocan 2018 data, new cases of breast cancer in Indonesia reached 30.9 percent or 58,256 out of 188,231 cases. This is very high, “Linda said as a keynote speaker at the Astra Glow Village Festival (KBA), at the Udayana Campus, Jimbaran Bali, some time ago.

In addition to explaining about the YKPI program, Linda, who was diagnosed with breast cancer, also shared inspiring experiences fighting cancer, and about establishing the foundation.

On the same occasion, the high officials of Astra International and the academicians of Udayana University who attended the event, greatly appreciated the activities held by Astra International, especially by involving millennials, the wider community, the government and the private sector for the development of the nation and country.

“Astra’s chess philosophy through the four pillars is very strategic and fundamental to make Indonesia more advanced and independent. I am very proud of the enthusiasm of young people, especially the millennial generation who will later replace us to lead this beloved country,” added the former Minister of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection.

Meanwhile, Astra International’s Environment & Social Responsibility Division Head, Riza Deliansyah, said that she had long cooperated with YKPI. This is in line with the dharma Astra chess philosophy, which is to become a property that benefits the nation and state through its four pillars.

“The four pillars are Healthy Astra, Green Astra, Astra Creative and Astra Cerdas. Since 2013 Astra has built 72 KBAs in 34 provinces. This coaching program is part of ONE Indonesia and this year we have done it in 4 provinces, Java, NTT, Kalimantan and closed in the Province of Bali, “explained Riza.

Riza added that the reason for involving the academic community because in addition to students who will lead the nation in the future, this is in line with Astra’s aspirations for nation prosperity that cannot be done alone.

As underlined by the President Director of PT Astra International, Prijono Sugiarto, through video conferencing, which got enthusiastic students. According to him, through Astra International’s CSR activities, the four pillars above will be well integrated through the cooperation of government, community, academics and community activists.

“Hopefully the wider community can be inspired to collaborate to work for Indonesia. Astra’s desire, going forward together for the nation,” said Prijono.

The same thing was expressed by Linda Gumelar. “The nation’s development must be carried out in synergy in accordance with the 3 pillars of development, namely the government, society and the private sector in this case Astra. This is amazing. Especially with the Astra Sehat pillar also inviting the participation of the millennial generation,” Linda said again.

Before closing his presentation, Linda reminded the Movement of Healthy Living Society (GERMAS), patterned a healthy life, avoided stress, avoided drugs and did not forget the early detection of breast cancer not only for women but also for men.

“You millennial generation, based on a study from the womensmarketing website, 53 percent of you care about health and fitness. You are willing to spend more on this matter. So live healthily because you will lead this country later. I also hope that you become a part of Indonesia to be able to free from advanced stage breast cancer in 2030. Don’t forget to do early detection by checking your own breasts,” she concluded.

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