Japong Cries in Gratefulness as She Can Stay at Rumah Singgah YKPI

Japong Cries in Gratefulness as She Can Stay at Rumah Singgah YKPI

Liau Jan Fang could not hold back her tears when asked about the Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation Shelter (Rumah Singgah YKPI), which is located on Jalan Anggrek Neli Murni No. A38, Slipi, West Jakarta. The woman from Pontianak, West Kalimantan, can only be grateful because she does not need to worry about the cost of living, while undergoing breast cancer treatment at Dharmais Cancer Hospital in Jakarta.

“It’s convenient being at this YKPI Shelter. The hospital is nearby. If I am not feel sick in my body, I might walk to Dharmais,” said Jan Fang or who is fondly dubbed ‘Mrs. Japong’.

Japong said at first she felt her right breast hardened even though she was not menstruating. After consulting with a doctor, Japong was advised to take hormone drugs. But the results are zero. She also tried a variety of herbal treatments, which also ended up in failure.

“Already a variety of herbs have been tried, such as “bajakah”, it has also been tried. But no luck,” she said.

Finally, Japong flew to Jakarta alone to seek treatment at Dharmais Cancer Hospital. On her first day in the capital, she cried because she did not have relatives.

“I was confused, I’ve never been to Jakarta. I sat down and kept crying. Because I cried a lot, a  woman approached me. She was a reverend, She told me about Rumah Singgah YKPI,” said Japong who finally agreed to live in Rumah Singgah YKPI. In addition to the reasons for low cost, also she has many friends to stay.

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