Irianti : Worried that Breast Cancer May Transfer to Her Daughter

Irianti : Worried that Breast Cancer May Transfer to Her Daughter

Basically breast cancer can attack anyone. Breast cancer can attack regardless of age, economic status, social, cultural and educational. Research shows the emergence of cases of breast cancer 5-10 percent associated with genetic factors. But is it true that breast cancer is declining? If the mother is diagnosed, her daughter will automatically be affected.

This is a concern from a breast cancer survivor from Surabaya, Irianti, who has a daughter. Irianti really understands if there are many things that can pose a risk of breast cancer. Unhealthy lifestyle, rarely exercise, up to consumption of fatty foods are listed as the causes. But still, Irianti must be more aware of all the worst possibilities. She did not want her daughter to experience the same thing with her.

Irianti’s anxiety was reconfirmed by the statement of Dr. Zora Revina, who was reviewed by on the July news. The doctor from Dharmais Cancer Hospital (RSKD) said heredity could also be one of the triggers for breast cancer risk. Therefore, Dr. Zora said, families who have a history of this disease must be examined before it’s too late.

“If her mother has breast cancer, then her daughter can be at risk of developing breast cancer. “To ensure that, there will be screening to calculate the percentage of the child affected by cancer,” said Dr. Zora at that time.

Nevertheless, Dr. Zola underlined that although hereditary factors could trigger the risk of breast cancer, no one could ensure someone would get breast cancer. He added that the development of science and technology in the field of breast surgery at this time, as well as the professional handling of the medical team makes breast cancer be diagnosed as early as possible so that patients can undergo surgery with a variety of the latest engineering options in accordance with international standards and protocols.

Irianti later recalled the origin of her being sentenced to breast cancer. In 2015, she was so sure she would get cancer when her milk nipples went inside even without pain. “Then there was a 2-cm lump, I was nervous, but I was determined to immediately see a doctor. Medical check. Because my nipples are also added,” she said.

The development of the cancer, Irianti said further, was very fast. But she was grateful for not delaying doing medical checks and not running into alternative medicine. “I took chemo six times, took medicine and went straight to surgery,” said Irianti, who had reconstructed her breasts after surgery by taking fat from the abdomen. “For young cancer sufferers, don’t be too worried about the appearance of our breasts, because the breasts can be replaced by other body fat,” she said to motivate younger survivors.

Yes, that spirit is like a second drug besides medical action. Irianti said that she always invited her husband and child during treatment. “We must have the spirit to encourage each other so that the heart is always happy and happy. As survivors we have a moral obligation to provide assistance to fellow survivors. We are not alone. We are with this disease opponent, “Irianti exclaimed again.

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