Intention of 10-year Breast Cancern Survivor Rachmawati

Intention of 10-year Breast Cancern Survivor Rachmawati

Jakarta – With a warm and friendly face, the woman in dominantly maroon batik with a pink veil looked busy serving visitors to stand bags that she displayed. Occasionally, this woman named Rachmawati sat while waiting for other visitors.

At first glance, people may not expect Rachmawati to be a breast cancer survivor. She underwent a treatment process since 2008, when doctors sentenced her to cancer that had entered stage 3 B.

Nicknamed Wati, the woman from Jakarta said that the first time she began to feel there was a lump that didn’t hurt in the right breast in 2008. “But at that time I didn’t immediately see a doctor, only after I felt more I came to the doctor,” he said.

Together with her husband and child, Wati went to Darmais Cancer Hospital, where she began to undergo a biopsy, because the lump was declared stage 3B cancer. “It was like being struck by lightning, I was confused to have to run a treatment while the family’s financial condition was not possible, finally I kept quiet,” said Wati softly.

Even though she was silent, she did not go to the doctor, she was not silent to try alternative medicine. She did not reconver. Even worse, the cancer was growing more. It felt worse when she finally gave up and did not go anywhere for three years.

“I am confused after alternative treatments, I did not go anywhere, until coma and I could not do anything. My weight became 30 kilograms, it feels like the cancer is gnawing deeply,” she recalled.

After that, the husband finally looked for KJS to be able to register with the BPJS and began to check with the doctor again. “I was scolded by the doctor because the lump had broken and then it hit the heart, the lungs were also submerged in liquid, so it was the first step in the process of clearing it first,” added Wati.

The desire to heal was so strong in Wati. After the process of cleansing the fluid she underwent a mastectomy, breast removal in 2014. It was not felt that she had struggled for 10 years. The breasts had been lifted and consistently underwent treatment. “Now I am diligent in controlling and taking Femara medicine every month for the next five years,” she said.

There is a lump but not feeling the pain makes her realize how important it is to check her own breasts (Sadari). “Do something once something goes wrong, immediately check, the cancer can’t wait because it spreads quickly and is already at an advanced stage,” said Wati.

She always motivates herself whatever the doctor asks her to do.  She believes h refforts are a necessity. “Slowly we must be healthy, the age problem is God’s governing. We must be happy,” she said happily.

To make herself happy, she filled her time by making various handicrafts from Decopage which could help increase family finance.

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