Inspirational Story from Linda Gumelar Fighting Agaist Breast Cancer

Inspirational Story from Linda Gumelar Fighting Agaist Breast Cancer

Jakarta (VIVA) – Being sentenced to breast cancer at a productive age did not make the activists and former minister Linda Gumelar discouraged. The wife of Agum Gumelar began to change her lifestyle for the better.

Linda who is a breast cancer survivor said that public awareness and support for survivors of breast cancer could reduce the incidence of advanced breast cancer. Because if breast cancer is found in the early stages, it is possible to reach a longer life expectancy of around 98 percent.

“At the age of 46 years, my breast cancer was found in stage 0 but was malignant and in both breasts. I found it through early detection. So I encourage early detection to the community,” Linda said when met at the Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation in the Gatot Subroto area some time ago.
Now, the 66-year-old woman said that in addition to early detection, a more balanced lifestyle was needed to prevent cancer. One of them is positive thinking.

“I used to always be a perfectionist. This made me stressed. Now I try to be balanced with a lot of rest and relaxes, not thinking of many things while sleeping, ” she explained.

Linda also said that she began to enjoy listening to music and exercising even though it was only the simplest types like walking in the morning or swimming. Food balance is also needed such as avoiding fat and multiplying vegetables.

“I used to eat meat and grilled one, now I have lots of vegetables,” she said.


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