Ignoring Lumps, Derma Got Malignant Breast Cancer

Ignoring Lumps, Derma Got Malignant Breast Cancer

Derma regretted never having made an early detection of breast cancer, after finding out there was a lump in her right breast and it felt hot in mid-2018 last year. She thought, it was just an ordinary lump. But over time the lump feels annoying, and often returns when menstruating.

“Then after the 8th month I consulted with my younger siblings, then checked into the hospital. I was biopsied by a doctor, and the 9th month out of his PA, it turned out to lead to malignant cancer,” said Derma.

Derma is limp. She did not expect to be burdened by this deadly disease. Moreover, the woman from Bengkulu, still has two children.

“My world has collapsed, and I cannot tell my children. I feel that with this disease, I have been cursed by God,” she said.

In the midst of this despair, Derma met Esther, her friend who also had breast cancer. Incidentally, at the end of 2018 Esther had just returned from undergoing treatment at the Dharmais Cancer Hospital Jakarta.

Esther, said Derma, is currently encouraging her not to despair. She was reminded that breast cancer was not a curse, but has potential in the entire human body.

“Honestly, when Esther told me to go to Jakarta, I actually thought about money. Because there was no fund. But Esther said that BPJS was responsible,” said Derma.

At Dharmais Cancer Hospital, Derma does not only undergo breast removal surgery. She also had surgery to remove the ovaries, because the cancer had seeped into the reproductive organs.

“I am very grateful, because my fund is limited. The existence of the shelter house is a hope towards more health,” said Derma.

With Rumah Singgah YKPI , Derma now does not need to pay a large fee for lodging while undergoing treatment. Moreover, at Rumah Singgah YKPI she could get support and encouragement from other breast cancer survivors.

“This is also comfortable, with each other also mutual support, communication, giving supports. The hospital is close by in walk distance. So we have a lot of convenience,” she said.

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