Oncology surgeon at the Dharmais Cancer Hospital (RSKD) Jakarta, dr. Walta Gautama SpB(K)Onk said that the high number of breast cancer cases in Indonesia is because it is often ignored by the community, women in particular. As the matter of fact, most women realize that early breast cancer screening is very important in order to prevent advanced stage of breast cancer.

“Knowledge alone is not sufficient to encourage someone to take the right action. The first action taken by women is always a denial, they think it must not be cancer,” said dr. Walta in the “Virtual socialization: Early Detection of Breast Cancer in Insufficient Facilities and Surgical Oncologist” for Eastern Indonesia, August 19 2020.

According to him, there are many patients who still look for other doctors after being diagnosed with breast cancer, until they find someone who states that it is not cancer.

“If all doctors say it is cancer, they will look for an alternative opinion, and seek for any other ways to avoid going through surgery,” said dr. Walta.

Breast cancer surgery is still a scourge for most women, because they are afraid of losing the breast which is considered crown for women.

dr. Walta ensures that not all breast cancer surgeries will perform breast removal. There are currently other techniques in breast surgery.

“Nowadays, Reconstruction Technique is being developed. Some use fat or muscle from the other part of the patient’s body to be shifted, or to shift the breast tissue whenever possible,” explained dr. Walta.

He further said that early detection is undoubtedly important so that breast cancer does not continue to an advanced stage. When it has already been in advanced stages, the recovery rate is getting lower.

“For breast cancer, patients who come with stage one and then she postpone until stage three, the treatment will be different; the therapy is not the same. The one with stage four will also be different,” dr. Walta emphasized.

In general, the recovery rate for breast cancer will remain high on the condition that the patient takes early detection, gets the right diagnosis, and take the right therapy.

The “Virtual Socialization: Early Detection of Breast Cancer in Insufficient Facilities and Surgical Oncologist” for Eastern Indonesia was held by the Indonesia Breast Cancer Foundation (YKPI), and directly opened by YKPI Chairperson, Linda Agum Gumelar.

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