Greeting is the Key to Breast Cancer Prevention

Greeting is the Key to Breast Cancer Prevention

Celebrating the Breast Cancer Awareness month, the Indonesia Breast Cancer Foundation (YKPI) held another virtual socialization of breast cancer early detection. It was held on Friday (10/16), entitled “How Important is Early Detection Examination for the Common People”.

The socialization is carried out considering that the mortality rate from breast cancer in Indonesia is quite high, which is the second after lung cancer. As the matter of fact, breast cancer has a higher life expectancy than other types of cancer, if it is detected early.

Chairman of the Indonesian Cancer Foundation (YKI) branch D.I. Yogyakarta, Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Hemas said that socialization about breast cancer needs to be done so that we can protect each other. She emphasized that it is time to greet each other and remind each other about the importance of early detection of breasts to fellow women.

“It’s time to think about the culture of reminding or greeting each other, whether we have done it or not, because greeting can be a motivation,” said Ratu Hemas in her presentation.

In addition, early detection can also reduce the cost of cancer treatment which is quite high, and improve the quality of life of the patients.

“Therefore, we have to do socialization more often because many people do not understand what breast cancer is,” she said.

Chairman of the BKOW of Central Java, Nawal Arafah Yasin, who joined the virtual socialization, revealed that many cancer sufferers in Central Java could not be helped because they were known to be at an advanced stage already. Thus, cancer is considered a disease that is worrying for the community.

“For that reason, socialization is very necessary and needs to be massive because cancer can be prevented,” said Nawal.

From the screening results of clinical breast examination in second quarter 2020 in Central Java, there were 185 cases of tumors, 17 cases of suspected cancer and 16 breast abnormalities. All were found at the group of under 30 years old.

“Therefore, public awareness of the symptoms and signs of cancer must be carried out through  education about Breast self-Examination (BSE / Sadari), then continue to do ultrasound, and if you are already over 40 years old, take mammography in order to make early findings,” said Nawal.

Meanwhile, YKPI Chair, Linda Agum Gumelar appreciated the actions that Central Java had taken to conduct early screening, with the hope that the rate of advanced breast cancer could be reduced, so that life expectancy could be longer. Linda also supports the idea of ​​greeting and reminding each other about Sadari (breast self-exam/ BSE) conveyed by Ratu Hemas. According to her, this can be a motivation for women to have their own breasts checked every month.

“It is fact that the current government program is focused on cervical cancer. However, based on the data, breast cancer number is higher and there is no vaccine for this cancer. Therefore, we should work hard together to help the government to reduce the number of advanced breast cancer,” said Linda.

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