Funwalk Educates The Public on Cancer Types

Funwalk Educates The Public on Cancer Types

Jakarta, – There was something different in the middle of the car free day, at the Hotel Indonesia Roundabout, Jakarta last weekend. There were a number of cancer survivors and warriors parade with different costume colors in each group.

It was a Fun Walk activity with the theme ‘Cancer Ribbon Awareness’. The activity aimed to introduce the community to cancer, while increasing public awareness about the deadly disease.

Actually staining of this type of cancer is born from the need to increase awareness of breast cancer. It was Susan G. Komen who started in 1980 a US-based breast cancer foundation.

At that time, Susan gave donations and finally there were many colors to identify cancer, which was introduced by other non-profit organizations.

The gold band  was chosen by the organization of child cancer in the 1990s. Gold color is said to be chosen to remind how valuable children like gold.

Please note, to this day there are at least 30 colors of ribbons for different types of cancer. But unfortunately, the only popular one in the community is the pink ribbon, which is used to identify breast cancer.

“Yes, all this time, I only know pink ribbons, I don’t know if there are other color ribbons,” said Rizky from Bekasi when met at the car free day arena.

In line with Rizky, Lona from Kebayoran Lama also only knew two colors of ribbons, namely pink ribbons for breast cancer and gold ribbons for child cancer.

“I know gold ribbons because there was a sister who had suffered from leukemia since the age of a toddler,” Lona said.

On the contrary, Ambar doesn’t really care about the colors of cancer bands. According to her, the most important thing is to show support to encourage cancer sufferers.

“Especially if that person is close to us. You know, there are pink ribbons, purple ribbons, gold ribbons, but they are only symbols, and the socialization is not very good. The important point is to show that we care and support those who are sick with cancer, “said the student from Jambi.

The Chairperson of the Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation (YKPI) Linda Agum Gumelar stated that the socialization and education of cancer should be increased in the community.

According to her the effort will also raise awareness of early detection, so that it is expected to reduce cancer rates in Indonesia, which is currently number three killer after heart disease and kidney failure.

“Early detection is very important. Because if the faster the cancer is known, the chances of recovery are also higher, “explained Linda.

As for the purpose of conducting socialization, Linda continued, the community and NGOs could not walk alone. She said this effort requires the role of the government and the private sector.

“As a cancer foundation and a government partner we will try to suppress advanced breast cancer. But there must be cooperation between us as a community, with the government and the private sector, “added the former Minister of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection (PPPA).

Similar comments were also conveyed by the surgeon and consultant oncology surgeon Prof. Sonar Soni Panigoro. He hoped that the number of cancer patients who came to the hospital would decrease further by making early detection.

“That information can be accessed in various media, one of which is YKPI. So please ladies and gentlemen to access the website, “concluded Sonar.

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