Extra Steps You Should Take To Protect Yourself

Extra Steps You Should Take To Protect Yourself

Whatever your age, follow these extra steps if you are being treated for cancer. During this time, you want to reduce the chance of coming into contact with someone with coronavirus.

These extra steps are also important for people over 75 years of age and those with a chronic illness, like heart or lung disease.


  • Meet people in a well-ventilated room or outdoors
  • Ask visitors to wash their hands properly
  • Ask visitors to keep a space of between you and them
  • Make a joint plan with family, friends and neighbours for the support you need now, or if you become unwell
  • Refill your prescription medications and have over-the-counter medicines and supplies


  • Do not have any more than 2 visitors at a time to your home
  • Do not shake hands with visitors
  • Do not isolate yourself from friends and family

Everyone want you to keep well. So take people up on offers of help. And remind them of the extra steps you need to follow. Share this guide with them to help explain. (source www.cancer.ie)

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