Effectiveness of Compression Stockings for Preventing Lymphedema

Effectiveness of Compression Stockings for Preventing Lymphedema

Jakarta, YKPI- Compression therapy is not a new thing for patients with lymphedema. According to Dr. Bayu, arm compression therapy can be part of complete decongestive therapy, as well as single therapy. However, existing guidelines recommend complete decongestive therapy.

“The goal of compression therapy is to put pressure on the tissue and increase muscle contraction thereby increasing lymph node / lymphatic flow. This therapy is divided into 2 phases, namely the decongestive phase and the maintenance phase,” said Dr. Bayu.

dr. Bayu further explained that in the decongestive phase, compression therapy is carried out by using elastic bandage which is used throughout the day.

“The duration of the decongestive phase depends on the response to therapy. The decongestive phase is then followed by the maintenance phase, which generally uses compression garments / stockings that are used routinely, especially when carrying out daily activities,” he continued.

He urged patients to consult a surgical oncologist or physiatrist before starting compression therapy.
Management of lymphedema is individual and depends on the severity and response to the therapy that has been given.

In the maintenance phase, added dr. Bayu, stockings should still be used when doing activities. While in the early stages, according to dr. Bayu, lymphedema treatment can be done through conservative therapy or micro / super micro surgery.

“Various studies have focused more on the effectiveness of using stockings as a treatment for lymphedema. If lymphedema has not yet occurred, the use of stockings may not be necessary,” he added.

Through his presentation on the YKPI breast cancer virtual webinar, dr. Bayu brought a breath of fresh air in micro surgery with a lymphatic-vein (LVA) shortcut.

“This is a new hope for the handling and prevention of lymphedema progression, but it is still better to prevent than to treat. For that reason, he encouraged to keep doing prevention efforts, including maintaining ideal body weight, avoiding things that can trigger infections, and continue to carry out physical activity gradually and do not postpone seeing a doctor if it hurts,” closed dr. Bayu.

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