Early Detection of Breast Cancer, Let’s Do BSE Regularly

Early Detection of Breast Cancer, Let’s Do BSE Regularly

Jakarta, YKPI – Celebrating the Breast Cancer Awareness month, the Indonesia Breast Cancer Foundation (YKPI) held a virtual socialization of breast cancer early detection for central regions of Indonesia, Tuesday (10/16).

The event was attended by the Deputy Governor of West Nusa Tenggara, Siti Rohmi Djalilah, Chairman of the East Nusa Tenggara Women’s Organizations Cooperation Agency (BKOW), Kristifora, Chairman of BKOW Bali, Tjok Putri Hariyani, Chairperson of YKPI Linda Agum Gumelar, and Chairman of the PERABOI, dr. Walta Gautama, SpB (K) Onk.

In her remarks, the Chairperson of YKPI appealed to the importance of early detection of breast cancer.

Based on 2018 global data, breast cancer is the highest number of cancer cases in Indonesia. The death rate is at number two, after lung cancer. In Indonesia alone, 30.9 percent of all new cases of cancer suffered by women are breast cancer. Meanwhile, cervical cancer is in second place by 17 percent.

“There are quite a lot of differences between breast and cervical cancer. This is very worrying, considering cancer is actually not a death if it is already known since the early stage, and clinically treated,” said Linda Agum Gumelar, Chairperson of the Indonesia Breast Cancer Foundation (YKPI) in a virtual talkshow entitled ‘Breast Cancer Early Detection, Can it Be Delayed?’, Tuesday (16/10).

For this reason, Linda asked participants of the talkshow to always convey the importance of doing Sadari (breast self examination/BSE), in order to reduce the rate of advanced stages of breast cancer, because the cure rate in the early stage is higher.

“We can continue to encourage early detection of breast cancer to be better and more useful, in order to reduce the rate of advanced breast cancer. Because it will be very difficult for all of us, including the doctors, if there is a delayed treatment,” said Linda.

The Deputy Governor of NTB, Siti Rohmi Djalilah, who was present at the event, also said that at this time she had encouraged Posyandu (integrated healthcare center) in NTB to provide periodic counseling and education about reproductive health.

“Posyandu for family, including mothers and women who are currently productive, are given periodic counseling and education. For the adolescents, we provide reproductive health knowledge, including for women,” she said.

The Chairman of the BKOW of NTT, Kristifora also said that knowledge of reproductive health is important. In fact, according to her, Sadari should be an obligation for girls who are already teenagers, as an effort to detect breast cancer early.

“Then, we can continue by having Sadanis (Clinical Breast Check). However, I am still concerned about more people choosing herbal medicine than medical,” she said.

Likewise, Tjok Putri Hariyani as Chairman of BKOW of Bali also hoped that YKPI can help to provide socialization related to early detection and the dangers of breast cancer, as in line with what YKPI have been doing now.

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