Early Detection of Breast Cancer Helps Faster Healing

Early Detection of Breast Cancer Helps Faster Healing

Breast cancer is a deadly disease, which generally targets women. Therefore, every woman should pay attention that there are certain conditions or characteristics of women who can be more at risk of developing this cancer.

Based on the data from the Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation (YKPI) chaired by Linda Gumelar, many Indonesian women have breast cancer. But about 80 percent of these cancer cases have just been dealt with when they are at an advanced stage

For this reason, according to the Director of the Dharmais Cancer Hospital (RSKD), Prof. Abdul Kadir, early detection of breast cancer in women will accelerate the rate of recovery of these patients. In addition, he considered early detection would also reduce the costs incurred during the treatment period.

“We expect the cure rate from breast cancer will be quite good. But of course, if a person comes in an advanced stage, then the medical expenses that they will incur are far more expensive than if she/he comes in the early stages. The recovery rate will be better if they come in the early stages than in an advanced stage,” Kadir said after signing a children and teenage’s ward inscription with the Indonesian Children’s Oncology Foundation in Jakarta, Thursday (27/06).

During this time, Kadir continued, most cancer patients who came to RSKD were in stage three or four (advanced). “Frankly for breast cancer patients, 70 percent of them come in stages three and four. Just 30 percent come in the initial stage,” he said.

For this reason, Kadir urges the public to be able to understand the initial symptoms of breast cancer, so that treatment can be done immediately without waiting until it reaches the advanced stage level.

” For example, when our mothers or our sisters find lumps in their breasts or there may be discoloration from the breast or maybe the nipple area pulled in or the skin of the breasts becoming rough or there may be fluid coming out mixed with blood, please you should go to the hospital to do a complete examination to prove that the disease is not due to breast,” said Kadir.

“If it is really breast cancer, just complete treatment as much as possible,” he added.

The man from South Sulawesi also appealed to the public to do proper treatment instead of looking for treatment by traditional physician, healers or herbalists who are feared to actually aggravate breast cancer.

“I urge the people not to come to traditional physicians, traditional healers, traditional treatments that will actually inhibit the examination and treatment of breast cancer itself or cause cancer to develop rapidly,” he hoped.

Kadir added that 67 percent of patients treated at RSKD were patients with breast cancer. But the cure rate is more than other cancers.

“Thank God, this breast cancer survival rate is far better than other cancers because they are easily detected, so that they arrive here in stages two or three,” he added.

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