Dozens of Participants Participate in YKPI Cancer Patient Companion Training

Dozens of Participants Participate in YKPI Cancer Patient Companion Training

The Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation (YKPI) in cooperation with PT TUV Rheinland Indonesia and the London School of Public Relations (LPSR) held an international certified fifth class patient companion training on 26-28 July 2019 at LSPR Jakarta.

More than 70 participants consisting of Breast Cancer Survivors, YKPI Volunteers, Community Organizations, the General Public and Health Workers from Puskesmas and hospitals attended the training.

In the opening remarks, Linda Amalia Sari Gumelar as the Chairperson of YKPI received enthusiasm from the participants ranging from mothers, to several young participants who had just graduated from college. Different from previous years, this year feels special because there are two male participants.

Linda Gumelar hopes that the training can be used as a venue to train participants to become volunteers and medical personnel with the ability to build relationships and support breast cancer patients in overcoming their illnesses.

“We hope that volunteers who graduate from this training will later be aware of their roles and responsibilities as supporting volunteers, able to build relationships and be able to communicate with patients, so they can communicate effectively, understand the emotional impact of breast cancer and can provide positive strategic opinions in overcoming his illness, “Linda said.

In addition, Linda also advised that volunteers can help patients even with only assistance without seeing where and who has cancer. Because the assistance activities according to the State Minister for Women Empowerment and Child Protection of the Republic of Indonesia in the United Indonesia Cabinet II, is a necessity that is the responsibility of the volunteers.

“The most important thing is that the assistance does not have to be in the hospital, so wherever you are: meeting with anyone who has problems with cancer or breast cancer, you can accompany them,” said Linda.

Later, Linda continued, the participants will be registered with TUV Rheinland as volunteer companions, official patients, and even recorded online. “Through TUV Rheinland, the names of mothers will be registered internationally. We are there so if people see assistance, people can trust because we are there, ” she continued.

The training had several subjects: basic knowledge of breast cancer, diagnosis and therapy, the emotional impact of breast cancer and cultural sensitivity, breast cancer patient counseling techniques, and building relationships and communication skills.

Meanwhile, Mila, one of the participants, admitted that she gained a lot of experience and new knowledge from the training. According to Mila, in addition to being a resource person who was competent in providing material, the training also made her meet new people, so they could share their enthusiasm to become volunteer assistants.

“There are so many things that I got from here apart from the resource persons who are very competent and very good at providing exceptional knowledge that I have never had before,” said the representative participant from the Dharmais Hospital.

“With this event I feel happy because this is my new experience to be here to meet amazingly great friends too. In the future with the completion of this event, God willing, will participate in the activities of cancer survivors volunteers,” she added.

Similarly, Fatmawati, a participant from Kendari, said that the training held by YKPI gave her a lot of knowledge and increased motivation in being active in the community to provide assistance and provide education related to cancer, especially breast cancer.

“With this training, we are motivated to continue to join the community, motivate them to stay safe, care for their health, especially for cancer. I hope in the future it can be further improved or sustains like this,” she said.

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