Don’t Postpone Breast Cancer Treatment despite the Pandemic

Don’t Postpone Breast Cancer Treatment despite the Pandemic

Jakarta, – President Director of Jakarta Dharmais Cancer Hospital, dr. R. Soeko W. Nindito D., MARS encouraged breast cancer patients to continue carrying out the recommended treatment despite the Covid-19 pandemic situation.

According to him, in order to minimize concerns about the transmission of Covid-19, the hospital is now equipped with additional facilities, including hand washing facility, providing masks, and requiring distance in queues.
“For those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, follow the doctor’s recommendation. Treatment should not be postponed, because the recommended treatment will give better results,” said dr. Soeko in a video message received on Sunday (10/11).

According to dr. Soeko, breast cancer is the highest cancer case in Indonesia and the world. Likewise at the Dharmais Cancer Hospital, that treats many breast cancer patients at early to advanced stages.
Therefore, as a preventive measure, dr. Soeko encouraged the public to routinely carry out early detection of breast cancer by doing breast self-examination (Sadari) and clinical breast examination (Sadanis).

Dr. Soeko said, by doing Sadari, treatment for breast cancer will be easier and cheaper, compared to treatment for them whose cancer is already at advanced stages.
“The treatment will be surely more difficult and more expensive. The result will be much better for them whose cancer is still at early stages,” dr. Soeko explained.

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