Don’t be afraid to see a doctor, Let’s Understand It

Don’t be afraid to see a doctor, Let’s Understand It

Never too late to learn. Even though she has been convicted of breast cancer and is willing to lose one breast on the operating table, it does not prevent the two heroines from Kab. Tenggarong Sri (43) and Kartini (56) explore BSE (Check Your Own Breasts).

“It’s better to be late than never. I now want to talk to mothers. Don’t be afraid to see a doctor, let’s be aware, ” said Sri, who is a housewife, was full of enthusiasm when she took part in the socialization of early detection of breast cancer and BSE ToT at AM Parikesit Tenggarong Hospital, East Kalimantan.

Sri, who also opened a food stall at her residence, admitted that she was afraid that a nurse or doctor would shop at her shop. “Moreover, my house is near the health center. If I see them I will definitely run away, faint and excited. I am afraid because I have been sentenced by a doctor when I only have 3 months left because of breast cancer, “said Sri Diamini Kartini, who had the same fate as having her breast removed.

Now, Sri and Kartini are even diligent in inviting mothers who have breast cancer to not delay the medical examination. “Because treatment to an alternative is not cured, even a lot of money runs out, ultimately to the doctor too. Previously we were really scared of doctors, now we are doctor’s friends, “Kartini added.

Together with around 100 participants in the early detection of breast cancer and TOT SADARI organized by YKPI (Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation) in collaboration with PERABOI (Association of Indonesian Oncology Surgeons), Sri and Kartini claimed that early socialization of breast cancer was important and committed to be disseminated to family members and residents around.

Meanwhile Vira (20) and Wida (20), both students of the Muhammadiyah University of East Kalimantan, representing participants from young people said they were very happy to be involved in TOT. “This is our first time participating in TOT BSE. I am very happy to know in advance about breast cancer, the importance of early detection and practice of BSE, ” said Vira, welcomed by Wida with enthusiasm.

Besides being active as students, Vira and Wida joined the Samarinda Cancer Support community. Also present were around 30 other women’s organizations combined in addition to Dharma Wanita, Dharma Pertiwi and of course PKK Tenggarong District leaders led by Mrs. Regent Maslianawati. “I welcome this activity, it is extraordinary. Very useful and hopefully more and more people are aware of the importance of early detection, “said Chairman of the District PKK Mobilizing Team, Tenggarong

On this occasion, Dr. Abdul Rachman SpB (K) Onk, representing PERABOI said the incidence of breast cancer was still the highest in women in Indonesia. “Therefore, this socialization is very important in order to reduce the incidence of advanced breast cancer. Currently based on data from the Dharmais Cancer Hospital (RSKD) as the National Cancer Referral Center, it is known that 56% of patients treated by RSKD are breast cancer patients. Where 70% is known to be in an advanced stage,” said Dr. Abdul, who practices daily at the District Hospital. Tangerang.

Responding to this, YKPI was represented by Titien Pamudji urging breast cancer patients to be open and not afraid to see a doctor. “Breast cancer patients should not close themselves. I am a survivor, YKPI Chairwoman Linda Agum is also a survivor, but we can be healthy until now and still move. Because we checked ourselves from the beginning. Not postpone it. I hope mothers do too,” exclaimed Titien, who is currently still struggling to defeat her cancer.

TOT SADARI which was led by Dr. Hardinah Sabrida MARS was welcomed enthusiastically by the participants. Previously, Dr. Hardinah explained about breast cancer, its causes and risk factors. “If every month we regularly do breast self-examination we will find out whether there are abnormalities in our breasts. Abnormalities in the breast is not necessarily cancer. Do not panic and immediately consult a doctor, “said Dr. Hardinah again.

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