Jakarta, YKPI – The surgical oncologist at Dharmais Cancer Hospital Jakarta, dr. Walta Gautama, SpB (K)Onk mentioned that many cancer surgeries had been delayed during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is due to the recommendation in various countries to delay the implementation of planned and non-life threatening surgeries, including tumor and cancer surgeries.

As the matter of fact, referring to the standard rules, surgery which is one of the stages in cancer treatment must be carried out immediately so that the patient’s condition does not worsen.

“We are told to procrastinate, where as cancer surgeries should not be postponed. But because of Covid-19 we break the basic ordinance, breaking the standard rules,” said Walta in the “Webinar series on Breast Cancer in Covid-19 Pandemic: Covid-19 Stigma and Breast Cancer towards the New Normal Era”, held through video conference by the Indonesia Breast Cancer Foundation (YKPI) collaborating with doctors at Dharmais Cancer Hospital, Friday (6/5)

The chairman of the Indonesian Society of Surgical Oncology (Perhimpunan Ahli Bedah Indonesia / PERABOI) urged that this condition is immediately stopped. According to him, many cancer treatments were neglected because government was too focused on Covid-19 only.

He gave an example that today many hospitals are transformed into Covid-19 hospitals. This has an impact on the closure of various poly and health services that do not related to Covid-19, including cancer.

Yet, if we look at the fatality rate deaths caused by cancer and Covid-19 do not differ much. However, because cancer is classified as Non-Communicable Disease (Penyakit Tidak Menular/PTM), Walta felt there is a difference in attention from the government.

“Nobody wants to fight for cancer patients. So the patient is stressed because of cancer, plus the sress because of Covid-19. And it is not necessarily easy if the patients want to contact a doctor,” said Walta.

Meanwhile, YKPI Chairperson Linda Agum Gumelar said that facing the new normal era by complying with the established health protocols is a powerful way to fight Covid-19.

She encouraged all breast cancer survivors to keep their positive spirit and carry out all medical procedures that should be done.

“Let us welcome the new normal era by complying with health protocols. Do not be afraid, no need to worry, but still care about breast cancer medically,” said Linda.

The Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection of the United Indonesia Cabinet also urged all parties to echo the importance of breast cancer treatment which continues to keep pace with time.

“We fight this situation by washing our hands, keeping physical distance and wearing facial mask. Those are the new ways of life that we must fulfill according to health procedures,” ended Linda.

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