Cemotheraphy Effect Changes Ellen Oltarina’s Life

Cemotheraphy Effect Changes Ellen Oltarina’s Life

Jakarta – In the Breast Cancer Survivors Meeting held by the Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation (YKPI) on Saturday (27/10), there were many inspirational stories from survivors or survivors. One of them is Ellen Oltarina, who since 2014 has undergone breast removal surgery or mastectomy.

This woman born October 19, 1962 started the story from 2010 which was marked by the appearance of small lumps. “At that time I was suspicious and then started Mammography and continued USG, but the doctor said the results were not worrying so there was no need for surgery,” Ellen said, quoting the doctor who examined her.

A year later passed, Ellen began to check again followed by biopsy, when it showed that the results were not significant so she claimed to be relaxed. “Now in 2014, suddenly the lump became strange, enlarged so fast and hard that my breasts could not be moved / squeezed like normal breasts,” Ellen said.

“I was thinking hard that it might the sign that I was about to have menstruation. Finally I went to the doctor and my mind immediately suspected that this was Ca Mamae,” she continued.

Not many words, the doctor immediately did a biopsy, it turned out to be a positive stage 2 A, Her 2 positive. “Because at that time I was 52 years old and menstruation was still normal. The doctor said it must be dismissed first. Finally the target of Mastektoki was for three months and I had to schedule chemo presurgery for 3 times per three weeks plus every night I had to drink Femara, “said the mother of two children.

There is a unique thing that is felt by women from Cirebon when the doctor first gave a breast cancer verdict to her. Because before Ellen had prepared herself for the worst so she kept chatting normally and asked the doctor in more detail in an ordinary tone.

“But for some reason the tears dripped themselves one by one, the tears dropped slowly. It seemed unpolite but I cried, maybe it was a denial, even though this normal expressions may take while talking. As soon as I arrived at home I just cried, but Alhamdulillaah I was the type of person who was enthusiastic because I am used to working as diversion,” she said.

Before undergoing the chemotherapy process the results of Anatomy Patalogi stated that cancer reached stage 3B. Ellen admitted that she could accept the sentence more because she had read a lot about cancer before.

“But because I am a positive person, I have seen a doctor. I have never thought of going through chemo in my life. I have often heard the stories of people who underent chemo,” said this BUMN-owned Bank employee.

But Ellen’s chemo process still had to be carried out. The hardest situation she felt was after the third chemo. The effect was extraordinary compared to the previous situation when she still could stroll outside to the Mall.

But this time Ellen felt dizzy, nauseous and reluctant to eat, not squeezing juice, the whole body felt rheumatic pain, especially in the hands and legs, not to mention the stomach often enlarged and wanted to erupt.

“The whole side of my mouth was thrush, the white tongue thickened. It feels really uncomfortable. The effect of steroids was that big swollen hands. My face, hands, and feet are blackened, plus a round face like moon face,” Ellen said again.

During the chemo period, the doctor gave the Mycostatin medicine. Every morning she cleaned her tongue using a tongue scraping device. She had taken medicine until she finished two bottles, but the white on the tongue never disappeared. For Ellen, feeling numb and tingling is common, because afterwards she feels tightness, the lungs start to runny and then referred to the pulmonary doctor.

Alhamdulillah, I don’t need to be sucked up by therapy, when the swelling had been referred to a vascular surgeon for a few months I was given Xarelto blood thinning medication,” she added.

But it did not stop there. The effect of drinking thinners is that some toenails come off without feeling. ” I once was touched by my bicycle, but I didn’t feel anything. Suddenly a lot of fresh blood under me was shocked. Is this blood or blood from my legs,” she said.

During the treatment process Ellen applied for sick leave for six months, but the post-demonstration effect was very long. “It seems that I used to be very rarely sick before, so I didn’t believe how could the brain and body not be compact, his spirit was eager for this but his physical body really dropped,” she recalled

Now Ellen has not been treated, but she still routinely controls the doctor according to her doctor’s schedule for three months, routinely checks CA153 and CEA once every six months and has 1 year (if there are complaints) or 1.5 years if there are no complaints, until now she has had four petscan.

After chemo, she has lymphedema, which is the swelling that usually occurs in one or both arms and legs, which is caused by inhibition or interference with the lymphatic system, which is part of the immune system in the body.

In general, this condition occurs in women undergoing treatment or therapy for breast cancer. “Until now, I still continue to treat lymphedema at Dharmais Hospital in Jakarta, I have had therapy every Monday to Friday for approximately two months,” she continued.

During the treatment process Ellen was assisted with health facilities from the office as well as insurance. During the hospitalization, the cost was covered 100 percent except drugs that were not included in the category (one blood thinner was not replaced), but out-patient treatment was replaced 90 percent.

At this point, Ellen needs a lot of patience, sincerity and high enthusiasm. She believes all needs processes. Fighting spirit must always be extra high. She should be patient, and sincerely undergo all treatments.

She once read a book that said to be reconciled with an internal illness, then she applied it. “It turns out that the benefits are really there. Anything is always made happy even if it is not as expected,” she added. Not only that, Ellen tried to take the positive meaning of the process she lived in. Life became healthier and She takes nutritious food.

“The main key lies in the sincerity that makes me always grateful and surrender to all efforts without complaining. If I often complain, it means that I have not been sincere and must be corrected again, improve again and learn again, and so on,” concluded Ellen

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