Celebrating 72nd Birthday, Shinta Nuriyah Reminds Women to Not Be Shy about Health Check

Celebrating 72nd Birthday, Shinta Nuriyah Reminds Women to Not Be Shy about Health Check

Speaking in front of hundreds of mothers during the 72nd birthday celebration, the wife of the 4th President of the Republic of Indonesia Shinta Nuriyah Abdurrahman Wahid appealed to Indonesian women not to be afraid nor embarrassed to examine health, especially breast health.

“Don’t feel afraid, don’t feel ashamed because it is good for all ladies,” Shinta said at the free pap smear examination and mammography during the celebration of the International Women’s Day and her 72nd birthday, in collaboration with the Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation (YKPI ) in Ciganjur, Monday (09/03).

According to the wife of the late Abdurrahman Wahid (Gusdur), women must always take care of their health because they have been given a mandate by the Creator to carry out a very noble task of continuing the existence of human children on earth.

“If the mother’s duty to continue human children is to get pregnant. There aren’t any pregnant men. After pregnancy, mothers must give birth. After giving birth you have to breastfeed and then treat until adulthood. It takes energy so mothers must always be healthy, ” she said.

In addition, Shinta continued mother is also the first and primary school for children, because it is mother who teaches everything. For this reason, it is necessary for mothers to maintain health in order to be able to serve their children and husbands.

“Who taught you to eat, who fed you, it was all done by mother. That way the mother must be in good health. If the mother is sick, who will take care of the child and her husband,” she continued.

She also reminded women of all ages not to postpone examinations because the disease never looked at age.

“Even though it is old, it still must be examined because the disease does not look at age,” she ordered.

Shinta also hopes that through a breast examination program through mammography, participants can support the government program in reducing the incidence of advanced breast cancer in accordance with YKPI’s vision.

“Hopefully with an event like this, mothers are healthy and strong not only in serving their husbands, but also the nation and country,” she concluded.

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