Breast Self Examination

Breast Self Examination

What is BSE (SADARI) and why to do it?

Breast Self-Examination by patients at home every month. For women who are still menstruating, the examination is done after finishing menstruation. When you are in the monopause phase, BSE is carried out every specific date that is easy to remember, for example every 1st or every date of birth.

What conditions should be a concern?

When doing BSE, what must be considered is the following conditions:

  1. palpable lump.
    2. Skin thickening.
    3. Changes in breast size and shape.
    4. Skin wrinkling.
    5. Exit fluid from the nipple.
    6. Pain.
    7. Swelling of the upper arm.
    8. Touched lumps in the armpit or neck.

If you find any abnormalities like the above or if there is a change compared to the situation in the previous month, then immediately consult a doctor for further examination.

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