Breast Cancer in Men Turns More Acute

Breast Cancer in Men Turns More Acute

Like women, men also have an equal chance of developing breast cancer. However, in men it turns out that the number one killer in Indonesia can be more acute.

Oncology surgeon from Dharmais Cancer Hospital, Dr. Walta Gautama, Sp. B (K) Onk explained that the acute cause of breast cancer in men is caused by thinner breast walls than those of women.

And statistically, although the ratio is 1: 100, male breast cancer is mostly only known after it gets into the advanced stage.

“So the cancer is faster, the stage is higher, and it spreads faster. Where does it spread? To the bone,” said Dr. Walta at the Socialization of Early Breast Cancer Detection from the Indonesian Breast Cancer Foundation (YKPI), in the auditorium of the State Civil Service Agency (BKN), Jakarta, on Tuesday (25/7).

As for breast removal surgery, Dr. Walta continued, the therapy given to men and women is slightly different. In women, breasts may still be maintained with certain conditions.

“But if the male is certain (lifted), because it is thinner. In fact, we recommend that if necessary the muscles under the nipple are removed, so it’s not just the lump,” explained the Chairperson of the Indonesian Oncology Surgeon Association.

Thus, to minimize the chance of breast cancer development, Dr. Walta urges the public to actively check their own breasts (Realize/ BSE). The practice of the BSE has the same stages for both men and women.

“The method is the same as the BSE by women. In principle, all breast areas must be touched. Just because generally male breast glands do not grow, so it must grow lot in the nipple area,” he said.


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